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Mod's advancement event

Did anyone bother with this event my level 60 account it would only give a common dino + the usual loot and for my guest account it would only give up to 120k food for the cost of 6 mods hardly a good exchange IMO

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Good points. I did it, mostly for the fun of trying it.

I’m finding the MODs don’t really do much for the game. They don’t really make the arena any more fun, but they don’t really detract that much. For the cost to purchase mods (usually coins), the rewards still aren’t really worth it, as you pointed out.

Even in the modded PvP, some of the prizes are really fat, but not most. The few times I have tried it, I end up trading 10 dinobucks and 3 mods for 40 loyalty points. Not a worthwhile exchange.


Same here, I did it mostly because I just like to do any event that comes along and being VIP, getting packs is always worth it for the sizeable LPs that come with them.

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For those who have not unlocked Clash of Titans, did either of the mod events count toward that?

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good question! You don’t get S-DNA for them so it would be interesting o know if they count to that - I suspect not

I’m still at 22/28 events for CoT and both of them had that Claw icon and counted towards it


I renege my former comment. Today’s MOD event totally stunk.

First, as usual in PvE, I was put up against dinosaurs significant harder than mine. Then, in the second battle, the computer started having super rare and legendary mods. Ain’t no way I can beat that! PvE was already bad enough; pile some stupid Adrenaline Rush, Bleed, and Toxin MODs on the opposing team, and it’s a slaughter. Sure looks like a money grab to try to get me to get resources to trade for MODs and to level up my dinos.

Forget that. I call a word that rhymes with gull-spit.

In spite of what it sounds like, I’m not just typing to vent: I’m warning other players that they may not find the MOD Advancement Events worthwhile. For the record, I’m referring to the event whose prize is a microfusion pack.


Wow, I guess I should be glad I only got mods that were super rare (first two dinos had Adrenaline Rush so I used Nullify against those but because of swapping, still was a challenging round to win), the legendary ones like Toxin are ridiculously hard to win against. I wonder if your top AFS determines which mods you will get? At least you have the possibility of getting the super rares when buying spins on the rare wheels (I’ve gotten a couple of them, vs. ZERO packs). It was only the 2nd round that had these harder ones, the last round was back to common mods only. But yeah, a prize of 60 velociraptor sdna is hardly worth paying dbucks to get high level mods (and who knows how many you’d have to buy to get the RIGHT ones?!) I really think once the shine of newness is gone, even the players that liked this update at first will realize how many ways it’s designed to try and squeeze the players for very little benefit to us.

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I got 4000 DNA from today’s one battle MOD event, that’s a win in my book. To date I have only used Common and a couple of Rare / Super Rare MODs in the fights mostly it’s just good planing for both dinosaur match up and MOD placement.


Yeah that was a really nice one! With all the DNA I just spent to level new stuff up for the ceno tournament that sure helped to get me back to having a nice cushion to spend. Just hit the level 11+ carnoraptor mission which is going to cost me around 7K to finish too.

I had only common mods on my opponents so was pretty easy to do.

Next mission is nice and easy then as i’ve just done the carnoraptor mission next is 50 decorations collect from solar tracker 5 times and spend 20 million gold.

Yeah the DNA was at least worth it this time

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It does seem to alternate between easy ones that are just have x number in the park and collect x amount of resources and the harder ones with dinosaur requirements. I’m just glad I already had my carnoraptor created so just need to buy another. I have enough to do so but want to wait until I have more of a reserve over and above the cost.