Mods Bug Report

This is a thread where everybody can talk about any problem they have with the use of mods . Although , I personally think that they improved boosters , many of them are still underdeveloped.
Here are two cases when mods made me really angry ;
● First , a week ago , I used Siphoning bite at modded PvP and specifically at my last creature. When it was left only one of opponent’s creatures , I culcalated how much healing this mod could provide me in order to stay alive for one last turn . When I attacked , no healing happened , so as you guess I lost the battle .
● Today I used a Splinter at my last pterosaur, while I was playing the pterosaur modded event . I saved 8 reserve points in order to do a great attack that would kill all 3 opponent’s creatures. I needed to do at least an attack of 10000 points (in order to kill the last two creatures with 5000 points ) . I did exactly that attack, but instead of doing 10000 attack , with some way my attack was decreased to 5000 (So the two last creatures got 2500 ) and I lost that battle too . The opponent had no decrease-damage mod , neither a shield .

Please Ludia do the use of mods more safe than now .

I’m confused on your splinter comment.

Splinter divides your attack. 50% goes to primary opponent, and 50% divided among the rest of the opposing team.

So if your attack is against a full opponent team, and the attack is say 100, it looks like this:
Opponent 1 gets 50
Opponent 2 gets 25
Opponent 3 gets 25

If against 2 opponents:
Opponent 1 gets 50
Opponent 2 gets 50

Is that what you encountered? From your description it sounds like it worked as advertised but I’m not sure.

For siphoning bite, you get 50% of dealt damage up to your max health for that creature. So you damaged the opponent, and your health pool wasn’t healed 50% of dealt damage?


That is what Splinter does ? It seems that I misunderstood and overestimated it . I thought that the first opponent creature gets all the damage you do and each one of the rest gets 50% of the damage .

The info of this mod could be more clear about the fact that the first opponent gets half the damage you do … Anyway, thanks for helping me understant it’s use ! As for Siphoning Bite I am pretty sure that it was a bug , because I did damage to my opponent and the mod didn’t even activate . The opponent had no nullify .

I’d agree that most of the mod info could be a bit more in depth. Including which mods stack and more info on how they work. I also see the point in making the description as brief as possible, especially as some of it displays during battles.


Well, that’s why I added a sheet on Mods into my data spreadsheet… so we could add additional notes on how they work. I’ve added in the example of how to calculate the Splinter results, as I’ve had mixed results using that myself due to the damage not being quite as high as I thought it would be.