Mods events are great

When i saw we can get SDNA and more DNAs rewards i started to enjoy play with Mods Ludia actually did great job with the event battles different DNA rewards it would be nice to keep the legendary Mods cost a bit down

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Glad you are enjoying them.

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Well it’s good for u then…

I just wish I didn’t get Raptor DNA from them…

I’ll never own an Indo for at least a long long long time, and I am reaching 8k Raptor DNA. Such a shame.


Glad you are enjoying them. I was just starting to do well with the previous version and with the previous paddock and now this with all new mods. It’s too confusing for me and I hate being to spend alot of resources for cards. They also have a terrible exchange rate. Well there goes that part for me. What ever happened to keeping things simple?


Why no Indoraptors?

Because I’m not going above my level 30 indominous because the battles are just bearable enough now, and I gain nothing from increasing my dinos.

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Ohhh I thought you had a level 40 indominus and was going to let you know that a level 1 Indoraptor has a lower ferocity ranking than the lvl 40 indominus which would actually make your battles easier.

As an FYI the level 30 Indominus has a Ferocity of 8,531 the level one Indoraptor has a Ferocity of 9,075.8 only a 6.4% increase in Ferocity.

I am not sure what the cool down is on the level 30 indominus but am guessing it is just north of 24 hours where the lvl 1 Indoraptor has a cool down of 16 hours. Just some information for those that might be wondering if they should or should not add Indoraptors into their park.


Went up against the toxin mod in today’s event. It is nasty. I still won since the other two creatures were weak and had no mods, but it is nasty

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After playing against it on my son’s account, nullify works well

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Yup either nullify or steal. Potentially clone if you have a class advantage and can one shot based on the clone.

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Glad you’re enjoying the mods… I don’t care for them, but to each their own.

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Do you think that the algorithm is absolutely accurate? If that’s the case one could operate with levels between 11 and 20. I’m sure that with this finetuning @OstaposaurusBae could keep the ferocity below that of the lvl 30 Indominus Rex.
Don’t blame me if the opponents strength is only adjusted automatically once after evolving to the next level.
Wow, that was really hard for me to explain what I mean. After reading my post again I’m no longer sure that I understand it.

I am very confident in the algorithm based on the data I have seen. I might power creep some tournament hybrids (Segno and Metri) to verify the mid level cutover to affecting your match ups. There is some variability in the matchups as there is a range of ferocity match up through the different events. But they have stayed within a certain range for the most part. I did notice with the elimination of the exit glitch they have also reduced the difficulty of the different events, some of them substantially. I just don’t have enough data yet to determine if that was a permanent change or just a one time adjustment while they work out the kinks.


Sounds like I have almost the same lineup as you. Toxin on the last dino, but the first two with no mods and fairly weak. Does Toxin on the last one activate right away?From the description it sounds like it doesn’t do anything until the dino with it does an attack. In my first two events I noticed the AI also doesn’t do any swapping, so not sure whether to count on that again or not.

Toxin activates after each turn of the dino. BLEED is the one that doesn’t activate until an attack is made.

Toxin does not activate until the creature with toxin attacks. I cannot remember if it has to hit you or not. And the AI will switch during a mod battle. Don’t worry, it will.

From what I have seen the Dino with toxin does not need to attack but I believe it needs to be the active Dino in the first slot.


@Andy_wan_kenobi I did the mod battle today as well… the toxin mod is ridiculous. I did wind up beating it but it took like three tries. I think it might have been my last mod battle though. Or I should say it will be my last last build up battle. The ones where you only have to win one battle I might still give a shot. I am not a fan of the mods so far…


You’re right. I had forgotten that it blocked/reserved when I played on my son’s account