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Mods, what is your opinion of the state of the game?

@Ned (the only one i actually remember), im sure you and your buddies know very well that we’re currently fuming about how we think the game is going up in flames. Since we havent heard anything about this, what do you and the other moderators think about whats been happening in jwa? The arena? The matchmaking? Just any form of communication. We all feel neglected


I don’t believe that any moderator would answer this question.
Moderators moderate… they are like referees.
They enforce the rules and they don’t offer opinions.

I’m sure that Ludia would discipline any moderator that gave you the answer you’re fishing for.


Well… This game is becoming a big mess…

That’s all!


You are not alone in this thought.


i told this already.

this community is abandoned. we discuss at will here, suggestion, critics, strategy, bugs, complaints, etc.

but ludia don’t care.

moderators just keep our posts in forum rules. because ludia developers don’t talk to us through moderators other than release notes.

how many times did you see an answer in “suggestions” area?
what of we discuss is turned into ludia implementation, beyond the obvious (like those bizarre 1.7 bugs)?
how many times you had an answer from ludia outside a release text?

ludia don’t listen to us. they analyze game data, and not our opinions. we can complaint every day, but if we pay vip or purchase boosts, it’s all fine.



Why ask a question when you already know what you want to hear?

I think the mods and CMs are doing a better job of communicating with us and (hopefully) showing our ideas to the devs (think how that “questions for the devs” thread was pinned). I’m hoping this continues to improve, and we’ll get to see the results in 1.9. That being said, I totally agree that the communication leaves a lot more to be desired, and Ludia seems to intentionally ignore a lot of feedback. Here’s to a better future of JWA! :beers:


i don’t have any ceo or marketing experience, but i think jwa game would have better results if developers opt for a more collaborative approach.

gamers happy, gamers playing… hahaha.


On the one hand it’s hardly the mod’s fault the game is the way it is, on the other their refusal to say anything at all is a pretty big showing of cowardice


Or the managers over at ludia force them not to say anything so they can continue their money-grabbing

I think this thread is predicated on the assumption that they even play the game. Do we know if any of the mods even do? If so, how much? It might be just enough to understand the basic functionality so they can be somewhat knowledgable here. They might not even care about the rest - it’s not their job.

It’s a weekend tho. Do the mods even work weekends? This would be a better thread for the beginning of the week, not the end.

We know they make casual comments that make it seem like they play the game :sweat_smile:

Hey everyone, I’m really sorry to hear that many of you feel that you have been neglected. I want to reassure you that we do see all the feedback and suggestions that you had given us, and we had shared some of them back with our team. Please do not think that your feedback has gone unnoticed because they are very appreciated.

At the moment, we don’t have anything new from our team that we can disclose, but we hear your voices.

Also, we do play the game. :sweat_smile:


If you notice every feedback and suggestions, a simple acknowledgement will be much appreciated.


I will take note of that for sure! Thank you @TheNumenor.

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Good to know that you guys are still alive there :slight_smile: Can you ask the team to give us anything? Anything at all?
Like, there will be an announcement in x days. Or, we’re planning something special next week!

Something to look forward to basically?

Nothing yet, @Tielenaar, but we’ll definitely try to keep everyone updated as soon as we get any news.

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Why is it Ludia’s adamant policy to discriminate everyone who doesn’t live in NA and beat them into the ground via speed ties?

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Holy crap, they actually responded…not what i was expecting