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Modules and future access to Nayeli?

Here’s an idea for a fun way to to release Nayeli when the early access period ends. How about tie her wider release to an expansion of the Explore mode and call them expansion Modules? You can add the new explore area for say 1000 or 2000 gems and then Nayeli would be the completion prize or for those that already bought Nayeli a few glorious chests as the completion prize instead. A module would just be one new area like Hidden Forge or Frostsilver Mines. You wouldn’t need to necessarily make it more difficult than the last Heartcoil Deeps as you may severely limit who has access to her this early in the games life. Later modules could be planned at higher difficulty as more players advance which could be used to launch either more new characters or maybe grant access to future weapons or items. These should be separate from the explore mode so you could start an expansion module without having to finish the current explore area you are playing.


In the old school conception of module, the viability would be limited to each player phone’s storage. In a more creative use of the word it wouldn’t be an actual module, but a feature of the game, using the word module to exploit NWN’s fame