Modules (aoe buffs for group hunting)


Apologies if this is similar to other suggestions - it works a bit like incense in POGO. The idea is to make dino hunting more fun for groups, enhancing the social aspect of play. You choose a module to activate and people within 10 meters get the buff. You can only activate one module at a time yourself, but can receive the buffs from multiple types. Each module costs like 100 dino bucks and lasts 2 hours. There should be an icon showing which buffs are active at the top, but you shouldn’t be able to see the effect radius or whatever from afar.

Pheromone Module: Increases spawn rate of stealth dinosaurs nearby (probably everyone has thought of this)

Supply Module: Doubles dart rewards from stops - makes hunting outings easier but is hard to abuse

Charging Module: Adds another 33% to drone batteries once launched (doesn’t boost range though)

Fogging Module: Reduces dino run speed by 33%? Not really sure about this one, would be nice to have a fourth module though



Actually any group / friend feature would be appreciated, at the moment it feels like a singleplayer AR game with PvE Bot arena…