Moment of Glory event at 2pm on a Wednesday!?

Really?? You botch the event on Saturday and instead run another event at 2pm on a Wednesday? When people are working? This makes absolutely 0 sense. I could have played on Saturday. I bet almost nobody can from 2-4 on a workday!!

i managed to get 2 runs in :confused: having it announced could also help

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I Rolled a D20 on my last run of this event and havent recieved the head piece. It appeared and I cpuldnt click on it. Reset game and head piece is gone how do I submit a ticket. Have screen shots

Iā€™m willing to bet this was intended to be missed by a lot of people. Itā€™s probably a dry run for an actual announced 2-hr event during a future weekend. By doing it at 2PM on a Wednesday they can make sure things were relatively bug-free without being overloaded by a ton of players accessing the servers all at once nonstop for two hours.


didnt know about it.
but theres people in a lot of different time zones.
so for some it be early evening. perfect time

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