Moment of Glory: QoL suggestion

I find myself very frustrated by the Moment of Glory event type. Theoretically, players should be happy for 25 free runs at one of the challenge levels. But for me it’s just aggravating, because the Moment of Glory activates automatically on login (according to this statement on FB from the mods: “Simply login the day of and it will activate the 2H Moment Of Glory”). Sometimes I just have a few spare moments between tasks at work when I want to log in, retrieve the contents of a Battle Chest and start a new one opening, then quit the game. The current structure of Moment of Glory events activating automatically on login actively discourages players from interacting with the game. Therefore I suggest that the devs change make Moment of Glory not activate automatically on game, but require a manual activation by the player when they’re ready to run the challenge for (up to) 2 hours, and keep it available for the one-time manual elective activation for 24 hours after it goes live.


agree 100%

Hey Prof_Chris, thank you for the suggestion and feedback.

Definitely still waiting for when this quality of life is implemented.
I am under the impression today that for this week there are not one but TWO moment of glories and I am assuming they activate on the same hours. In my country and coast, it activates at 4PM.
The first moment of glory on Tuesday was fine. I was able to log in an hour BEFORE 4PM and set up my party accordingly and after i get back home after work am able to jump straight into it at around 6PM. The game even had a pop up notification when i logged in reminding me that MOG is on, how thoughtful!

However the second moment of glory, I did almost the same exact thing. Jumped in 30 minutes prior to 4PM, set up my party and was anxious to play once I got off work. To my surprise, got home, started the game at 6PM and… nothing. No notification, no dungeon, just… nothing.

What happened here? Where is my MOG? Sigh… was really looking forward to felling that damned dragon 20+ x 3 times too. Sadly denied because… heck who knows. A little disappointed today but I’m really hoping something about this can be changed. It seriously can’t be that difficult… can it?

TWO moment of glories