Moment of glory start times

I didnt see the event yesterday. I forgot it was happening. What are the announcement systems for the event? Are there messages etc? Is it possible to log in and have the timer start without being aware?

They should change it so that you choose when to start by tapping on a start button. That way you can still check in to collect a chest or whatever, but not then have the / hour timer start. This way you can start it when you know you’ll have an actual 2 hours free to play.


I agree. The window should be wider as well. The time frame for when the event is on is when I’m at work and prior to me putting my kids down to bed. By the time I can start playing, the event has already ended.

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I have the exact same problem. It happens at a combination of work ending, supper, and kid’s bedtime.

I missed the last 3 or so as well. Family comes first.