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Moment of glory wont trigger again

The las time whit naolem i had the moment of glory only for one run, becouse i had the time going for 1 hour and 50 minutes, finished one run and after that the moment was gone.

Today i loged in and no moment of glory at all im afraid it may happen again and i dont whant to miss the event again please help me whit this.

Hey there, @German_Gallardo, the Moment of Glory event isn’t a daily event - keep an eye out for Calendar posts such as this one so that you know when to expect it!

That said, I’m not sure why your Moment of Glory expired after only one run. In order for us to take a closer look at your account, reach out to us at, including your support key in the email so that we can assist you faster.

The huge problem with the moment of glory is that since this change from being in the afternoon to being whenever you first log in, most of us probably log in in the morning before going to work or… whatever and are immediately busy after that. At best they only get one run by going into the dungeon and then just saving to play for later.
I don’t know why the devs thought this is a good idea… it isn’t. What happened to Moment of Glory being available in the late afternoon? With the change, now it’s only for those that either have no jobs or work in the morning or for those that are willing to not log in and forfeit their x2 four hour chest and 5 hour challenges until they have a suitable time to play.
Terrible… just terrible.

I am usually working in the afternoon so this works for me.

Sigma your not considering the fact that people r in different time zones. This log in system is best for me and many others otherwise We’d miss it most of the time.

Best thing to do is look at calendar at start of week and don’t log in on the hour of power day until you have time to play.

Ps If your an advanced player this one was a waste of time anyway, not worth the effort for the piddling rewards you get from rock monster


Hi John,

My moment of glory expired early again as it did last time. Previously I only got 2 runs with tonnnes of time on the clock, this time I got about a dozen runs with just over 1 hour on the clock.

Strangely the rewards changed on the final run before it crashed (they ceased to be focused on archer and became the rewards that you’d see on a normal challenge). The crash may have something to do with Conflict caused by this bug ***********

It’s so illogical that I wonder just how much thought went into it. If you know how it works and know you won’t have time to sit down for the full duration, it’s once more a perverse incentive that works against the intent. They seem to be fond of creating perverse incentives in this game. I now won’t log in at all during a Moment of Glory time unless I know I have the time to spare, for instance. And I feel as if all of these complaints are very obvious consequences that they really should’ve been able to easily foresee in any development discussions.

I really don’t see why the timer can’t start from the first time you play in the event itself. Would solve all issues and not anger anyone.

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