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Moment of silence


And I didn’t dart any Erliko with only enough DNA for level 18…


Noooo! :sob:

Group hug …


Oh no!!! My heart hurts for you.


When you realize it’s a double kill:
•1 DNA away from unlocking erlidom
•unless there’s another erlidom event your last fusion number Will be 9

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Sorry for u bro

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Feeling sorry for you dude. I so wish to transfer you some Erlido dna, if it was possible :expressionless:

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Oh man, so sorry , :pleading_face::sob:


So sorry man :disappointed_relieved: I darted 199 on erlidom and joined the 9 club as well. (Mine is created and lv24 though so it isn’t as bad)


Gawd… speechless. Like I always say, the number 9 is the devil’s # in this game.


@Brownie, that is the worst :sweat:

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Hugs, man! It hurts to be so close :disappointed_relieved:.


Nooooo! Whyyyy! Im so sorry man!!


Same, with Thor, which would have been my first unique. 1 short, which means collecting 2000 Tarbo DNA. Come, sit by me and we shall cry into our quiver of darts.

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Thank you ! You did worst than my 8 DNA missing for Tryko on St Patrick Event

I’m with you bro’

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The 9 is so frustrating! I have it on Stegoceratops and Touramoloch, and have 149 on each of Maiasaura and Diplodocus, both of which I’ve only seen once since I started playing.