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Moments before the rng gods smite me

I know it is coming next battle… Each time I’m about to enter the Jurassic Ruins matchmaker sends the 4 horsemen to smack me back down to 37xx.

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Good luck!

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For what it is worth I’m not trying to come off as complaining/whining/etc so I apologize if it came off that way. Just was so close to the next arena could smell it.

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I think you’ll get two shots at Jurassic ruins as long as you win the next one. I think it’s 30 for a win but you only lose 28 for a loss so I think if you do lose you’ll get one last shot . I’ve been in and out around 6-7 times in the last week or so. I get in and get smacked right back out so good luck

I actually tossed my arms in the air in excitement.

I don’t even mind that the Jurassic Ruins gods will smack me back later as I did make it temporarily.


Been hanging around the 4000 line for a week. It’s brutal. It’s a psychological battlefield because it’s a big round number, and 4250 is the minimum tournament prize. Everyone is fighting tooth and nail around 3800-4200.

I lost as high as 47, and have won as little as 11. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

I thought it was supposed to be based on how much more or less trophies your opponent had?
(not claiming this as truth but thought that was how it worked)

Yeah I think I was wrong cos he was at 99 now it’s 27 so must have been 28 for the win

It was 28 for the win vs someone who was in the low 3900s

I’ve always assumed it was 30 a win now I can’t believe in anything now I mean are dinosaurs even real and are there any creationists that play this game and if you do how do you balance that and the game… I went a little of topic there but I suddenly wondered

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Can you post a picture of your team right now?

As long as you don’t make fun of it…

Don’t worry I dropped 400 trophies in Sorna Marshes- I can’t judge

I swap a couple of the top lineup in based on what I fight often. I wish my allosinosaurus was higher…

Nice! I feel you on Allosino… I have over 11K Allo stored but I don’t see many Sinos so I haven’t created her yet

Last month or whenever the event day had sino I drove to 3 different parks because I wanted it bad. (split the dna cause I also wanted trago) got 2 legendary in 1 day and that weekend.

I’m going for Monosteg this weekend, but if there was an armor event I’d get 3 legendaries assuming I get the average fuse rate. I’m at that awkward place where I have a few legendaries already, but I have a ton that I need 100 DNA to create