Monetise JWA the right way


Ludia should learn a lesson from the successful free to play games.
World of Tanks successfully manages to build a great game where you can compete up to tier 8 purely f2p and add to the player base. I played a lot of that and happily spent money to support the game. The tier 9 and 10 required real money to be competitive but people had the choice where they would play so as a f2p player you could play the lower tiers without just being fodder for the pay to win crowd.
But why not look at the juggernaut in f2p atm. Fortnite has made a pile of money by offering purely domestics which in no way affect the gameplay. Ludia should learn from this and make the incubators / hard cash much cheaper but offer cosmetic purchases! I probably would pay for a cool skin for my dinos!


Great idea and kinda the norm for microtransactions in most games these days! Dota makes enough to have giant tourneys where they give away huge cash prizes mostly funded by outfits for chars that have no in game influence


Tune is tomorrow to find out how Mcdonalds should sell Hamburgers. i think Ludia is probably doing just fine, there seems to be a healthy player base


this game is modeled very heavenly after clash royale, which is a F2P game as well, yet they probably make hundreds of millions of dollars.


Didn’t clash actually listen to feedback though!?