Money / Coins


Why do we win so many coins, which are not so useful, and earn almost no money what do we need most?


When you have higher levels you’ll need a lot of coins


Coins become useful and in short supply when your dinos reach around lvl 13+
That’s at least how it was for me


I’m hurting for coins so bad. My einosuchas needs 15k.


You will need lot, lot and lot of coins…


I just evolved my Einiasuchus to level 18 and it was 20,000 coins. Coins are hard to come by once you start evolving more and more.


Yeah, it’s just cost me 30k to level my euoplocephalus up to 19 :sob: it’s worth it though unless I might a level 13+ allosaurus or a T!

I do have the advantage of living right here though!