Money go bye bye


Decided to use some of my in game dollars that I’ve been saving to get some coins. Today I leveled my Indominus Rex to lvl 20, Megalosuchus to lvl 21, Utasinoraptor to lvl 17, Stegoceratops to lvl 21, and Stegodeus to lvl 20 … yolo :joy:


I did almost the exact same thing today! -1 for each dino except Utahsin. She hit 17 as well.


@sparednoexpense such a good feeling getting to level up your squad haha. Scratch that I got my utasinoraptor to lvl 18 now :joy: Found a sinoceratops in the wild, missed being able to 3x fuse by one pt, leaving me 149/150. Out of my two tries I got 50 and 90. Talk about lucky.