Money Lost

So 2 days ago I bought 2 things off of the play store and I never recieved the items I bought. Instead my money was taken from me. I tried to go to help and support ingame but that was no help either.

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sending a support ticket is the only way, make sure you send a picture of proof (and your support key) with it. it usualy takes like a week or so before they respond, but they will ^^

What did you buy? What do you mean by saying “play store”?

Hey there, @The_Dogedog, I’m sorry to hear that you did not receive the contents of your in-game purchase. If you haven’t already, reach out to our support team at so that they can take a look at things over on their end. Be sure to include your support key as well as a a screenshot of your receipt! It’ll really help to speed up the process.

Some gem packs. “Play store” is the google play store equal to the iOS app store.

I emailed where you said to email and alias still no response. I’d like to know if someone will help me or if I just got scammed out of money.

Hey The_Dogedog, our team will definitely try their best to assist you once they get a chance to see your message.