Money.. well spent?

I have never spent a singel peice of money on this game, and Im doing pretty good… but this special Apple deal. It’s kinda a good deal. Im gonna buy 2 of these, it’s way better value than just ordinary rare incubators in the market… This is actually a good deal I will take. What do you think?

Don’t buy it!

It’s not worth it.


It’s terrible. You pay real money in order to skip gameplay in a game you supposedly like.

Additionally this tells the devs “keep doing what you’re doing” instead of “scrap boosts from the game and fix existing bugs before adding new content”.

It’s a losing situation from all angles.

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It’a a good deal.

500 cash aswell, to buy extra boosts.

And 30 K coins.
And 5000 coins in incubator.

Haven’t payed my vip last months, maby Ill buy aswell.

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If I was an Apple user i’d refuse to buy it based on “balance”. It is appalling that Ludia go on about balance yet they keep making exclusive offers. First they bring out an exclusive offer to Apple users only, then there’s an exclusive offer currently available to Canada only.

So really what this tells me is Ludia is all about balance, until money is involved then balance goes out the window.

Ludia should stop making exclusive offers to different platforms and countries and keep things fair and balanced.

Im actually gonna take it… It’s only 100kr(onor) for me in Sweden. This is probably the only money I will spend on jwa, and it’s a game I like. I do Belive that it could be worse. Im all about that coin!

According to you the game is in a terrible boring place that noonr cares about and were all losing interest… yet your apparently still intrested enough to spend money.

You might as well just delete all your posts the message your sending Ludia with your wallet outweighs it.


Apple only? I had that on my android device.

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Same here saw it yesterday on android lol. They put these 4.99 incubators that come with cash. It helps spenders get the boosts at a deal.

Dude, it’s 10$ for a game I like. Im fully aware of videogame purchases, and I don’t usually spend money on video games. And I also play this game and I think that this is not a wrong doing.

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I stand for all those posts.
The game right now is in a terrible state.

Anyhow, I hope to see what happends in upcoming updates.

I have a feelin tho, that all nerfs, boosts and more will be a never ending story. Trying to climb for the top is now only a question of cash.

(Also from :sweden:)

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I wasnt refering to you it was directed to @Moksha
Who spent yesterday bumping 20 days old posts of his doom and gloom prophecy. About how 1.8 is just more of the same… and today talking about spending money.

By all mean if the game brings you enjoyment spend your money.

But if you create so many negative threads the moderators are merging your threads with your other threads and posting about spending money on the game someone will call you out.

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Ok, thanks for the tip!:+1::+1:

Its not apple only though. I literally got one of them for 4.99 yesterday on my android.

Your posts have no value to Ludia if your still willing to spend money on the game… your wallet is much louder then your voice. And your wallet is telling Ludia how much it loves what their doing.


You can bend the words how you want.

Do you think a game should be about 2 dinos and leave the rest 160 other dinos useless?

I’m sure they must come to insight how broken the game is.

XD wallets speak louder xd talking wallets



Haha. Love that ”talking picture”!


If this situation of boosts diden’t feel like a never-ending-story.

With that said, it’s sad to see hard effort becoming more useless week after week.

Good thing you’re satisfied with all that and supporting the devs’ decisions by giving them money.