Monkey behind the controls today? 🐵



I thank the monkey lol. Good deal for those not willing to pay the much higher $$ offers.

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Ludia seems to have luck of money and luck of fantasy.

Nothing new.

Sigh… I’ve seen monkeys way smarter.


Those are great deals by the way. They give terror dinos which are really useful (Allosaur, Velo, Tany, Spino, Gorgo, etc)


Im almost tempted (got a gift card for Christmas)

Buuuuuut i only need raptors. I think ill wait and see what they have for Christmas and New Year.


New glitch I was lucky to have today. Locked out of doing anything on the strike event… had to restart numerous times…

i guess thats the silver lining. we’ll just call it intentional lol

Someone might have been cleaning the storage room and found a few boxes of the Halloween incubators while getting out the Christmas decorations.

They are a good ‘value’ for coins and cash though. I think I calculated out $14.95 USD value in coins/cash alone if purchased at the bulk package price.


its good deal just wrap it in Christmas paper lol. next month we’ll have turkey boxes at this rate

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They gotta recoup some money from all the coin sales they lost from supply depits… as far as incubator deals go the scary one is one of the better ones lol.

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