Mono Gen 2 is no longer a local spawn

My mission to level my one horned buddy to a 30 has been slowed down big time.

Mono gen 2 is local 4 daytime buddy

Find para and ull find mono gen 2

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Odd not showing on here, but very good to know, thanks!

Its on there

Literally just went to metahub and searched “spawns”

There ya go

That’s embarrassing, I was looking at post 1.4 yikes, thanks for helping!

This is horrible. I can’t even level my Stegodeus past level 18 even if I wanted to. My town doesn’t doesn’t have anything close to a park ;-;

I can’t even make the majority of the new hybrids that have been released without help from the alliances, or traveling to a new freaking town altogether since everything is in the freaking park or a new area.

I sure hope they release it soon from the parks, makes no sense when the demand is as high as it is. Hello powers that be, please show us a sign you are listening please!
Side note my 5lb chihuahua is always ready for a car ride although 20 mi round trip to a park is still ridiculous.

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It will really be fun traveling when the roads are all ice and snow packed, ugh…

He’s definitely got rarer, see one every couple of days so my one horned friend is stuck at 26 until it appears in an event

I’m close to a 26, so close…I have enough dime 2 to get to a level 40 I think lol

I’m about the same lol, for the time being trying to unlock thoro but run out of tarbo :frowning: