Mono vs dilo

Mono g1, monomimus,pterovexus
Mono g2,monolomentrodon,monolorhino
Dilo g1, diloranosaurus, diloracheirus
Dilo g2, tyrannolophosaur, tenotosaurus
Which out of these teams are better

  • Mono
  • Mono g2
  • Diol
  • Dilo g2

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Please ignore the misspell

dilo g2 is also used for the new exclusive legendary and unique. (good luck to everyone trying to unlock them.)

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Lol but still dilorache and diloran reck them

Especially that stun and run combo

Mono g1, I love vexus.

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Even just dilo g2 on it’s own is amazing imo. It can’t win directly against the other dilo or monos, but that’s only because they outspeed it. Plus Dilo g2 has dilophobia and constrictor now too

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While that is true that that it has one more linage

I think these
image image

Are better than these
image image
Especially that the ropes relying heavily on their counters

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Monolorhino has potential to be great but sadly ludia won’t let her/him be

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Bad news buddy, Spinoconstrictor beats Dilorach 100% T1.
Also, you misspelled the company name. Depending on where you’re from it’s either Lootzya or Lydia.

You sure? Really?

Also check yes it does but I didn’t say it beats it 1v1 at least I don’t think I said it’s better

(Edit yes I did but just forget that still better overall)

All I’m saying is, sleep on it at your own risk. A misprediction and your precious Procerat or Magna dies.

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Lol to whom may I ask

Monomimus is nice, pterovexus is great, but one thing…

You forgot about monostego! and since I’m counting monostego, I’m gonna say, Mono G1 for the win. I love all 3.

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This guy is right.
Mono = 1

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Actually spinoconstrictor beats dilorach 1vs1 bc if that wounding counter.
Scrap that you already know that :sweat_smile:

I just put monomimus in because it has a hybrid but feel free to put in minostegotops.

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I want a buff for Diloracheirus!

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