Monoceratops vs stegoceratops?

With should I lvl and I am guessing neither as I need DNA for stegod…

What is this “Stegogod” you speak of? Blasphemous!

Sorry, stegodeus

Monostegotop is a good nullifying dino to have on your team especially since Gallimimus dna for Monomimus may be harder to come by outside of events

Personally using Stegoceratops over mono. My tany makes up for another nullfying member on my team, but needs to be 21+ to be a viable common dino.

Yeah, Gali is hard to come by as after the event I ended with like 15 DNA after I leveled to lvl 15

And yeah I am thinking of just sticking with upgrading stegoceratops

Ideally: both

Realistically: depends on your Monolophosaurus supply: a higher level stegacertops is better than a low level monosteg (IMO)

Personally: Monolophosaurus is a rare treat for me. It’s not in my zone and I see it once in a blue moon when I venture to its turf. I save it for my monomimus b/c to me, monomimus seems more valuable than monosteg (again, it depends on your team and your Monolophosaurus spawn rate) I’m pretty happy with my level 22 stegaceratops … this way, I’m only pulling stegosaurus DNA 2 ways (split with stegod) instead of 3


Well I have mono spawn in my zone “once in a blue moon” but I also have a shortage of Gali so I won’t hit monominus anytime soon but would rather it over monoceratops as it wreaks me and I only have one stun with it

I went with Stegoceratops and i love it. I never see a high level Monosteg, probably because Mono DNA isn’t easy to find. All of my Mono DNA is going toward Monomimus after the tournament.


i had monostego at lvl 20, then monomimus came out and it’s still at 20. it does it’s job. stegosaurus DNA goes to stegodeus. monolophosaurus goes to monomimus. so no DNA spare for stegoceratops or monostego. i’d say don’t level either one of them.

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I have a lvl 25 mono since months but just abandoned him to start leveling monomimus, most valuable use of monolophosaurus dna, lucky im in a zone3 xd

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I’m z3 too, get a little mono but no Gali!

My Gallimimus is a lvl 15 now but i cant seem to find anymore dna for her right now either… I have the Monostegotops created and Ive taken the Stegoceratops off the team and put in the Monostegotops instead… was that a wise idea?

What does the rest of your team look like?

Pretty cool picture

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Heres my team so far.