Got 201 Monolopho DNA from the strike today. Monolopho is like a unicorn for me. I saw two in the wild the first week I played, then none for three months, then one the other day. Rare in incubators too. So I have to be wise with it’s DNA. Monomimus is the lowest level creature on my team. But four fuses won’t get it to 19. I’m also a completionist, so I really want to create Monostego which I hear is pretty amazing itself, but at level 16 it wont make my team. Where to use the Monolopho DNA…?

For right now Monomi is the only correct answer. I would not take it above 20 though in case the upcoming update reveals a hybrid. And while we are talking about the upcoming update I would not do anything with either until we have at least patch notes.

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Monostegotops! Get monostegotops first, then go monomimus

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Monostego has an abysmal even level win % against half of everything and even the things it is meant to counter. He may get buffed so there that.

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However I cannot argue with doing it for completion. That’s a personal goal

I hope it gets buffed! It seems weak compared to the two epics it’s created from.

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It needs an edge. I like it on paper and I’m anxious to see if it gets a buff.

hmm give monostego instant charge🤔 i like stego but he is det missing something

Some variation on two null moves could do it without a major change tbh.

Monomimus to 19 is too far off right now. But monostego is a guarantee, assuming you already have the stegotops dna also. 16 is low but you gotta start it… we all did.

distracting rampage instead of slowing impact?

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i didn’t use my war bird untill it was 20 and at one point i had both at lvl 21. but mimus was more usefull so i stopped stego at 21

Always hearing these arguments. My Mimus is 21 and is insane, love that steroid ostrich. My Monostego is lvl 20 and is very effective and beats Indo fairly easily.

Do it … do it … do it! You need some Monostego in your life …

And then level it :smile:

But there’s not enough Monolopho DNA EVER to level both! :sob::sob::sob:

Maybe its because youre in sorna but I seem to get mono fairly regularly.

It’s because you’ve got every other useful epic fighting for space to hang out in your back yard.

Also true.

some might disagree, but i would say monomimus is one of, if not the best in the game. mine is 25 and i am not afraid of sending it out against anything, even stegodeus. it can be a counter to basically everything, and nothing really counters it very well, except another one.

i use monostego, but to be honest, if it didn’t nullify, it would not be on my team. but it does, twice, so it is very useful. sometimes the only thing i need it for is to sacrifice it to take indoraptor’s cloak off and it’s done it’s job.

so if a completionist is important, by all means go for it. you’ll have to at some point anyways. mono DNA is better put into monomimus though.