Since you have mentioned that you got to have them all. Make Monostegoceratops first then save everything else for Monomimus. It will change your life!

someone put all of this on a plaque.

Pick only one, as trying for both will hurt your team in the long run. I’m in the identical situation, and I decided to just abandon Monostego and go all in for Monomimus.

I’ve always loved my Monostego. People say it’s not that great, but it’s always been a powerful weapon for me. And I detest Monomimus. With the possible Bleeding meta coming, though, I’ve held off on doing anything to either.
If SS does get the nerf, I’ll be abandoning Monostego for Monomimus due to its immunity.

What does the potential SS change have to do with this? Honest question.

bleeders will be running ramped

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Yup, what @Pateradactyl said. It doesn’t just affect the creatures with SS, it affects all tanks or high-hp creatures

guess ill be hunting kapro during the dead of winter…

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Exactly we dont see alot of bleeders right now because meta tanks for the most part all have ss and it keeps them from being effective… once ss changes, if it does, bleeders will be a mich larger part of the meta

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I would at least unlock Monosteg but then use the rest on Invincibility Emu!

I would say unlock Monostegotop first so at least you fill the dex and then spend the rest of the dna to level up your Monomimus. I’m hoping Monostegotop gets a buff in the future but until then Monomimus will still be my first go to

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Which is why ive already put Spinotahsuchus on my team as soon as I unlocked it the other night :P!

Getting used to playing with it!

Plus I like the looks of it ^_^!

Edit: Though doing so this early and at its base level has lost me some trophies! I just wish they would hurry up and make the SS change already!

Like seriously why do they change the ability name and THEN do the change? they should just do it all together and get it over and done with!

I’ve never used Monostego but honestly, it barely feels like a threat when someone brings it out. Maybe it’s because of how my team is set up though. I just barely brought Indo on my team yesterday. My T-rex has dropped Monostego in one attack multiple times, but mine is also overleveled like crazy. Monomimus can be an annoying beast in some matches. I’ve been on both sides of that before. The speed and immunity is what convinced me to start leveling Monomimus.

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Let’s put it this way…which of the 2 dinos do you think have more than an even chance of taking down a lvl 23/24 indoraptor?

I answer you with a question. Would Monostegotops of 16 enter your team? I do not think so, if you have a monomimus of 18, I bet the rest of your team is 20 or higher. Therefore, I would reserve the expensive DNA of Monolophosaurus (for me it is also a unicorn) for Monomimus. The Monostegotops will only serve you for some specific challenges of the game.

I created Monostegotops and it is one of my main mistakes of the game although it helped me in the challenge of the Indoraptor of 30. He is not in my team nor I believe he is ever and he prevented my monomimus from now having one more level.

I have decided to stop diverting precious dna towards Monostegotops.

The ‘dodging chicken’ is way too good and I have also held off leveling till the next patch announcement.

I think it’s a logical decision. We are all a little expectant to the new version.

Lol bear in mind that Ludia is reading this