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Ok, we all know monolemetrodon now, and I really don’t like it at all. Here’s why.

  • It doesn’t even look like a dinosaur, it looks like a dragon!
  • It has terrible attack. (Its a gen 2 hybrid… I didn’t know what to expect)
  • And it takes away the dinosaur look of the game!
    I throw out Stegosaurus! (Original dinosaur)
    But he throws out Monolemetrodon!
    This is just my personal opinion getting out… what do you think about Monolemetrodon?

Literally, all Dimetrodon series (Dimetrodon, Secodontosaurus, Ophiacodon) are not dinosaur.
Compare to dinos, they are more closely relative to us (mammals).
They didn’t even live in Mesozoic.

So… I think as a Dimetrodon based hybrid, Monolometro…whatever, don’t need to look like a dino.:thinking:

a legendary is an epic + epic/rare/common. it’s 2 commons.
it’s not really a legendary, they just call it that. it’s probably actually a rare.
expectations for it never should have been very high to start with


I know it’s not all accurate, but I mean most dinosaurs didnt even live in the jurassic period…
I don’t like they even added monolemetrodon in the game since it looks nothing like a dinosaur. (and not even a dinosaur from tarbosaurus’s reply)

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Hybrids aren’t really dinosaurs anymore. Not?

I think it looks fine. I don’t have it yet so I’m not sure if it’ll have a spot on my team, but I like the design.

I like the design and it really needs to be reworked for it to be any good…

If I remember even in the Jurassic World movie Owen said “it’s not a dinosaur” about the Indominus.
So the hybrids aren’t dinosaurs. They are a fusion of some animal species.
Gorgosuchus also doesn’t look like dinosaur but nobody complains.
IMO his appearance is fine.

But I must agree Monolometrodon is really bad as a legendary. It’s attack stat is bad, HP is decent, speed is decent. It’s worse even than Postimetrodon which is epic, not legendary.

but when he said it, it wasn’t really a scientific debate. it was more like “that’s no moon” about the death star in Star Wars. more being dramatic. for lack of a better term, it’s probably best considered a dinosaur.

it’s a product of genetic engineering.


Hybrids are not dinosaurs, or synapsids, or whatever: they are genetically engineered monsters!

This said, I see Monolometrodon as a legendary for beginners… What I’d really like to know is if low-level players find it useful…

I like its look… The only creature I really find ugly in JWA is Diplotator!


You aren’t wrong, but… you sure you aren’t less mad about what it looks like and more angry about all the time and effort it took to gather dna and fuse for this colorful and odd looking pile of trash?

I foolishly leveled everything up to make him… it cost me like 50k coins. He’s not good. Doesn’t deserve legendary title. He’s epic at best. Lower stats than Postimetrodon and only has impact skills for highest damage output. I’ve faced some high level ones and they basically function like Postimetrodon with a debuff -50% damage attack. Should be an epic but other than that… does what it should do given what makes it


I really wanted to agree with this point, but then thought, “what kind of beginner has enough DNA to get both Gen2s to lvl15 let alone the 1000 DNA per fuse to finally create this abomination?” If anything trying to create this “legendary” will lead new players astray, causing them to miss out on untold numbers of dinos that are actually useful while targeting the 2 that make this. Sorry, I must be a little salty about getting a LOT of 10 DNA fuses while making mine.


Guys remember… Anything leveled up to level 15 to make a hybrid is legendary… rare hybrids are 2 commons at level 5… and epic hybrids are level 10.

It’s supposed to be a rare since a legendary we have seen before has at least one epic ingredient, so it’s not expected to be good from the start. Even it receives a buff, it still won’t be that great. Currently it’s placed in specialist tier according to metahub, so at most it will be a survivor even buffed I would imagine because ludia certainly don’t want to introduce another stegod into this game.

I know that anything pre leveled to 15 and hybridized is a legendary. My point with this dino is that it is not statistically worthy of that title. It’s stats and attacks are epic quality at best

But in the mail it literally said “A special hybrid” this confirms that they wanted something easier for starters to get.

Diplo is at least derpy cute somehow, Koolasuchus for me looks like something out of those horror mangas :rofl:


It’s hard to be sure, since the game changes a lot while you get trophies et levels… Some creatures are useful in early game, but become totally useless later… I remember that my Majundasuchus was my secret weapon in lower arena, so it was a good investment to level it up. I kicked it off my team when I started to get more and more epics. (I can even say that I miss it, and would love to have a good option to replace it!)

I can easily imagine a new player grinding to get Monolometrodon and obtain it before many epics. But it’s true that the quantity of DNA requiered is a big obstacle despite the fact that its ingredients are very common right now. That’s why I’d be curious to hear from low level players what they think of Monolometrodon, you know: if they got it, and if it helps them in battle…


It’s NOT a dinosaur. Dimetrodons were synapsid mammal-like reptiles from the geological period BEFORE the first dinosaurs, namely the Permian. Of course, mosquitoes hadn’t evolved yet, so it’s a mystery how they managed to get its DNA, but whatever. lol.

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