Monolo Gen2 and Dime Gen2


Looks like these two’s dna will be fused to create a new Legendary Hybrid - Monolometrodon when 1.4 kicks in. So how much dna have you collected?

Need to get them up to level 15 though…


Dieno needs 20.

Need Mono but about to go out and get Dime gen 2.


Working on levelling Dime 2 from incub DNA, and working on hitting mono 2 wherever they pop up.


Ah sheesh…L20 means a lot of coins


They need to be level 20? Holy heck, that’s alot!!!


That’s a legandery hybrid.
So I think must be lv15 for Mono gen2 & Dime gen2.

Only Deino must got lv20, because that’s unique hybrid.


So proud of everything my feathery baby has achieved. :blush: