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Monolodertodon gonna make cleanse creatures like indoraptor OP

If mono counters r needed, there’s one chilling. It’s gamma. Cheap, underappreciated in pvp. I used 1 month back, was chewing all those pesky monos. More spd boosts for batter results, especially against faster monos. Attack, yes, and bye bye mono

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also annoying that some counters don’t do super well with the rest of the meta, or at least that annoys me


I guess that’s true, but still, I don’t have nearly the dna OR boosts.

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Nice change to the title “Monolodertodon gonna make cleanse creatures like indoraptor OP

The only thing that would make Indoraptor OP is if Ludia buffs it a LOT, because right now it is far from being OP and on most teams it got benched.


I haven’t used mine for over a year. :joy:

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I like everyone wants to nerf the mobolo I like everyone wants to nerf the monolo but the unique hybrid of the smilodon which is really too strong :joy:

The problem with boosting dinos just to counter a nuisance early on in the game is that they often become redundant later on.

We always advise newer players to hang on to their boosts until they unlock end game dinos as the 50% loss is so painful when you realise the Dino that has them is no longer relevant.

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Yes, like how I have saved boosts to put on my Tenrex?

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so the problem is the speed that monolo has when they sit and boost it all day long just wanting to get a 145 speed mono so that the only creatures that can stand against in speed are cunning creatures that cant destroy its armor, and so i try alloraptor, rend resistance, so BRUUUUH!!!

No no no no no!!!


Quetzalcoatlus easily kills the goat… by impaling it😳

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The tickle of death

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