Monolomentrodon is better than Monorhino

Dont have it yet…

In 1v1 maybe but what about overall against others?

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What does it look like?

BUFF Monorhino!


Especially considering the recent buff to all immunes, and lacking a rampage, this guy seems extremely underwhelming.


yeah but monolorhino is so much easier to make. you just gotta gamble on 5000 cash incubators.
whereas monolometrodon is made from 2 commons


looks like a maxima vs ardonto scenario where ludia doesn’t even bother to look at a unique’s component dino(s) when coming up with it’s stats/move set. or they just want you to spend a whole lot of money on it before realizing it’s not good.


Lies! It has Distraction. Unless it’s a typo like with Decel Strike on Carnotarkus initially way back then. Even then, if the stats were far better I might’ve justified it by saying it as a Definite attack so the parent needs to keep the Null niche. But that’s not the case. If all but the health were kept the same (4500 HP and 15% armor would be great!) and the delay on Definite Impact was removed ok, maybe I see potential. They aren’t cautious about Cautious Strike but they sure are cautious about making new “Definite” hybrids anywhere near decent. Even Spinonyx has more speed and health (before armor, mind you) with the same attack and it gets DR. or Give it Mono’s 4200 HP and give it DR and call it a day, that works too. That whole thing about it being easier for lower league players to make because it has two Common ingredients is also total baloney because of the Incubator exclusivity to Woolly Rhino like CleverBoy mentioned. Wonder if they’ll do the same for the DC Unique when that comes around.


Hopefully tie dye rhino will get a buff, those stats with the kit it’s been given are pretty underwhelming.


Ok that’s sad

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I never understood the reasoning behind creating a super hybrid when it’s predecessors are inherently stronger. What’s the point? :roll_eyes:


And yet the mammoth Hybrid has more health than it’s parent so umm like wth

I mean it’s no contest
image image

Yeah, it definitely needs some stat buffs. If the kit is to remain the same, I suggest 4500-4800 hp and 1200 damage

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Although it think it should at least get distracting rampage since rhino has a rampage

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All it needs is at least one 2x move and it be good

If it was to get a rampage, I would prefer definite rampage instead, since distracting impact is more useful on the first turn


That’s true and I would disagree and it be a good counter to maxima

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Plus I love her design my favorite animals of all time(besides dinos and kaiju) are elephant and rhinos

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I think she looks beautiful too, can’t wait till I can see her full body

That’s true, since both are immune and Monolo is faster, it would win againt Maxima, though it really needs those stat buffs before it can do that :laughing:

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And I would love that and it looks leagues better than mammotherium I mean that’s just :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: