Monolometradon and Monolrhino rework

I think that the null was only a lazy move by ludia to not get rid of it cuz monolophosaurus g2 did have it at one point i think, and it was much more comoon.

Here is an idea: revert both to their pre-2.0 stats and done. No more Monolo problem. Who cares about every sad fella who built both for their team? Its about not having to lose to such things.


Seems fair for monolometrodon, however Monolorhino should stay as is I think the damage buff resilient rampage is nice and all but instant invincibility taunt is a worse trade off to instant taunting shield, I think this monolorhino rework would make it slightly weaker

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Monolometrodon looks fine, cunning strike is indeed a better option there, i would personally remove distraction resistance instead of nerfing stats, but overall good rework. Monolorhino on the other hand i think is better as It is.

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Why to remove distraction resistance? It’s part cunning.

I would prefer removing fierce rampage and make it armour piercing.

Agree with @Isaah_Wii so cunning likes phorusaura and indo g2 can counter it. Monolorhino is fine, it doesnt OP now. But in this version is OP with the add of RR

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Yes It is part cunning, but we can see that It has a clear role as a tank buster. It is a cunning-fierce hybrid, and while there can be a lot of variety in there from how cunning or how fierce something with that label is, we can see that monolometrodon stands a bit more on the fierce side, at least when It comes to the niche It ocupies. The niche It has is generally acting as a counter to fierce, fierce-resilient and resilient. I say generally because It obviously won’t beat every single creature on those classes, but overall that’s what it’s supposed to do.
With that in mind, the reason i suggested to remove distraction resistance is because a creature with this particular role is countered by cunning, specifically pure cunning creatures. Having distraction resistance gets on the way of that. Losing distraction resistance affects nothing on the matchups against fierce and resilient creatures It already wins, but It allows cunning creatures to reliably counter It. This is most likely the reason It is considered oppressive in legendary tournaments, because the cunning creatures that are supposed to counter It can’t do It effectively, so It is left with very few true counters. That is a balance problem that would be fixed If It lost distraction resistance.
You could give It Armor Piercing Rampage, but i feel this would compromise its ability to counter tanks and not help with the problem of cunning creatures not beating It. But since It a cunning-fierce, you could rework It in this direction as well, but i personally would prefer the other way and keep the role of anti-tank and anti-chomper rather than make It only anti chomper.


Now I get it. Liked your idea.

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Why the HP Nerf? One of its parent has 4500 HP.
Keep the current HP and reduce damage to 1200.
FR becomes APR and Nullify become Cunning.

i mean, i nefed its hp so it could keep the shattering rampage, that is ok cuz its other component has 2,700 so the average would actually be 3600

maybe 4,000 hp

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