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Monolometrodon better be smacked with the nerf hammer

Monolometrodon is so op even without boost
It needs to be hit with the nerf hammer 100 times


By giving it harder-to-get ingredients you’ve kind of defeated the purpose of giving it such a harsh nerf in the first place (which I think is too much regardless).


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Plus with that not only do the gen 1 variants now have 3 hybrids

But the gen 2 variants have no hybrids

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It’s too op even without boost mono can takedown a thor

It’s a cunning fierce it’s suposed to


but it’s also too op to the point that cunning types which is supposed to counter mono failed to counter it

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It needs a nerf 100% but making it be this useless lil synapsid it used to be isn’t the right solution

The right solution is to give it a sizeable nerf, and make cunning wich are suposed to counter it, more effective at countering, loosing the distraction resistance for example, maybe loosing nul. Strike for cunning strike

or just a straight up rework by maybe taking it in a more cunning direction


Yeah thats true i’m not trying to argue that mono does not need a nerf, the point is changing it’s components and quite literaly nerfing it to hell isn’t the right solution

i was actually making a counter to mono
In fact i made 2 of them

Thats an even worse solution, adding other OP super easy to make creatures just to counter this one annoying lil one will cause even more problems


you mean the archeoceratops?

No i mean both of them

Also i don’t care if this gets flaged but i’m sick of people making this one creature concept and then spaming the hell out of the forum with it

Or in ur case spaming the forum with it cause “they’re a thor and metrodon counter”

Sometimes the only option is to fight fire with fire,and that is what i did

And then that very fire spreads and is worse then the original one


Also the unique one requires 2 epics to make and one of them is an event only dinosaur so it wouldn’t be that easy to get.

let alone maxing it to lvl 30

No troodon and deinonychus are a local epic and a global common, very easy to make

And i do value execlusivity a lot but no creature has the right to be OP even if u fused 3 event execlusives

However i will say that i am low on troodon dna however i am hoping to stack up while i am in local 4

The game is really lacking in mono counters atleast with thor you can distract it,or fight it with a dino that is resistant to stun,mono on the other hand,is a totally difrent can of worm,it has nullifyng strike which means you can’t use any defensive skill to avoid it no shield,no dodge,no cloak,there is nothing you can do to avoid mono’s attacks and don’t expect that distraction could reduce its damage either mono is immune to distraction unlike thor.