Monolometrodon distract res needs to be reduced or removed

idk but the distract res is kinda annoying

i would say it should be lowered to 5% res to distraction

if its speed res is removed that would make it bad against resilients as well. we want it to be better than feirce and resilient.

no. you only need to reduce the resistance to “rending” and your stats should decrease, the idea is not to make it worse, just balance it

and some feirce have DoT and the DoT res should not be removed. it should be bad against cunnings not b3e bad against all creatures.

rend res changed to 50%?

a fair solution is to bring your skills and stats to the midpoint of your 2 components

The idea for it is to beat feirce and resilient, not all creatures

and we dont want soething like t rex to beat it

so but still cunning so it should decrease but not get lost

i dont think attacks should change the res should change

but it should beat resilient not be killed by resilient.

How bout we just leave mono alone. Yes it may b a little op and yes its extremely easy to make. But that also means that EVERYONE should be able to EASILY make their own. Everyone has one. Everyone stops complaining. Problem solved. Moving on.

The point is, at least the way I see it, when something is OP you have to run it and it’s counters to stay relevant, which restricts diversity. Ludia’s bad balancing already makes a lot of creatures unusable, we don’t need even more OP counters to cunning creatures in an already anti-cunning meta.
We already have practically every team in Aviary running Thor and Indoraptor at much higher levels and much more boosted than the other team members, at this rate Monolometrodon is going to join the ranks as one of those obnoxious boost mascots you constantly face, sweeping teams throughout your journey through Aviary and Library.

I hope that never happen, i already get struggle with magna, just cant imagine if that happen.

ur right everyone forget about it

Easy i found a counter to monolometrodon

monolometrodon lol

But hes right. everyone can make their own monolometrodon and win rigth?

and even then its very fragile and mortem rex or lux win cleanse distraction abilities can easily beat it