Monolometrodon-Mini Magnapyritor?

After seeing these images,I am curious,is Monolometrodon worthy of being a more affordable replacement for Magnapyritor.

That is its role, pretty much. But it is nowhere near as good as Magna.


Oh! It was intended to be one,k. Thanks

This makes all the difference (amount of attackdamage and 15% more chance to crit) image image


Its nickname for as long as I have played has been “the poor man’s Magna” - its certainly worth pursuing in the short term and I have even seen the odd L30 one kicking around - not a beast but by no means a walkover.


Oh! I found them similar so thought I could check , Monolorhino could have been a Better Magnapyritor,they could make it like-
Monolometrodon<Magnapyritor <Monolorhino and just made them like a trio

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When I first played I thought they were related

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Monolemetro is garbage in comparison to Magna… He’s one of the few immunes which need a buff instead of a nerf

Garbage is a tad harsh :wink: but granted it needs a buff

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It’s everywhere in aviary, cause no one seems to get enough Irritator for magna.
They’re also like 150+ speed too, like, wait till you get magna to boost that, it has more damage output…

Monolo has a wonderfull kit, but crappy stats and is not worth investing in. Big brother Monolorinho is also let down by the stats, and deserves a buff.

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It’s a tankier Magna with way less damage

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Basically that I feel like they should done a yin and yang :yin_yang:

Magna is the fast low health, high damage, speedster

And mono is the slower, high health, mid damage tanky chomper


That’s what I call it. It’s literally a magna but with less damage and worse multipliers. The pros of using monolometrodon over magna is that it has all of its moves turn 1 and has more hp, but that isn’t really saying much

I would rather go for Secondonto. Can’t district and has less hp, but way more attack and viable for epic tourneys.

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…for those of us that live in local zone 3

Monolometrodon aka discount magna

Great Value™ Magna

I have used Secodontosaurus previously and think Monolometrodon should perform Similarly.

@Thylo_75 I really wish they would do that.