Monolometrodon needs a buff


Poor guy needs something to make him worth using. He could easily be a decent hybrid. I like his move set, but his damage is too low. I say increase his Nullifying Strike to Nullifying Impact and increase his damage by about one to two hundred points and he be fine. I don’t think it make him ridiculous, but make him strong enough to be useable.


I’d say it simply needs to deal pretty much the same damage as both Dimetrodon Gen 2 and Monolophosaurus Gen 2 are dealing.


It’s a legendary made from two commons. It’s not supposed to be that good. It’s made for lower arenas. I’ve seen 3 in the ruins and even at level 20 was useless. It’s a low tier dinosaur and should be used as such.


Maybe so, I just like the guy and wish he was at least a viable niche pick. I have Indominus and Tryostronix, I’m not desperate for another immune dino. I just wish he was better.


Or…let’s see this issue in different point:

This is a fake legendary, but you still need to evolve 2 common until lv15 for it.
Compare to those rare hybrids, like Einiasuchus or Suchotator, which only need to evolve ingredients until lv5.
Monolopetro is still weaker!!
Isn’t this a big problem?


The problem with thos guy is he takes quite a bit of dna. For the lower leveled players to obtain… his dna requirements are kinda extreme considering alternatives that are not as demanding… just those 500 per fuse… not to mention getting to 15… this will be even more a factor once there spawns go back to normal… he doesnt fill any particular role… immune damage postmeti is better… immune tank anklycodon is better… my anky can 1v1 an indom…this guy you can break indoms cloak but then hes still gonna kill you.
I dont even like the way he matches up against stegacera… even with his damage reduction. Skikk stegacera can still kill him by pure damage output.