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Monolometrodon nerf

as we all know, monolo has been one of the most annoying dinos to fight, especially with how quick you can get it. everyone’s been asking for a nerf forever. but after reading it, I think the nerf coming is a bit too much.

the resistance decreases are fair. it gives more counters for people trying to gain trophies then get matched against one of those. however, it also helps the people using the monolo themselves. I just recently put it on my team, and the speed decrease immunity has helped me a lot (especially since I lose more battles than I probably should to speed decrease). but, the immunity nerfs are still good if you’re in lockdown and come across a level 22 insanely boosted monolo.

my main issue, though, is the rampage change. monolo’s moveset wouldn’t be as strong as it’s known to be without the rampage. considering that the damage isn’t as high as the likes of dracorat or indom, a rampage would be needed to keep it in line (plus fierce impact isn’t that great of a move against anyone without shields/armor).

at least keep the rampage over the impact in the future update, but other that that it’s fine. thanks.


My thoughts exactly. I’ve long been a proponent of Monolometerodon nerfs, but the main culprit has always been it’s resistances, not it’s damage output. I’ll give Ludia credit for going for the rather niche 75% deceleration resistance nerf, but the rampage → impact change was definitely too much.


I agree monolo should be nerves

I mean nerf

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Monolo was too strong for its rarity, so I think for how easy of a creature it is to get, its damage output should be decreased as well as the resistance nerfs.


My stance on this kind of discussion is that data mines are a poor metric for the precise changes that we’ll see. They’re usually a representation of what’s currently being tested rather than a guarantee. I’m going to come back once patch notes come back to discuss the nerf if it is in fact the one showed in the datamine, as I think it’s heavy handed (but not really that bad given how monolo should really be a low rank legendary rather than competitive with magna)…but for now I see this discussion as premature.

Normally I’d agree that you can’t take patch notes as a guarantee. But the datamined changes came directly from a section of code where they display copies of patch notes in the game (in the help section), so it’s safe to say that these are the exact changes they plan to implement. Essentially, the patch notes themselves are what got leaked.

(This is the section in the live game)

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You should be more distracted and you should remove that fierce rampage

I am OK with most of the nerfs except the speed decrease!!! That is the reason I don’t like monlorhino so please add the 25% back please you will kill it if it can be speed decrease dim has speed immunity so oy should have it!!!

That 25% speed decrease is what keeps monolorhino in line. But the nerf was a bit harsh on monolometrodon

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it should make monolometrodon not immune to distract or speed decrease because the only creature I know to dfeat monolo are gemini, tenontorex and a high damage m rex

I think the nerf is almost perfect, it is currently way too strong for a legendary. Being super easy to level up and when boosted, can easily 3-0 teams of uniques, which no legendary should ever be able to do.


I’d say that the nerf is a bit much. The problem was that cunnings couldn’t counter it (even though the terizinosaurids like gamma, spyx and erlidom are metro’s nemesis). I think simply removing the damage reduction resistance and a nerf to its stats like -300 health, -100 attack and -4 speed could have done the job at balancing it.

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I like the nerf, an easy legendary to create should be pretty weak. And it was made for the hybrid, we already have magna to do monolo’s job

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Monolometerodon definitely needed a decrease in power, but it didn’t need to be made obsolete. Nothing should be, if we can help it. I guess we’ll have to see how the changes shake out, but my instincts say that it was a slight overnerf (namely losing it’s rampage for an impact). I too want to differentiate Monolometerodon from Magna, but the best way to do that would be a total moveset overhaul, not just making it a direct downgrade of Magna (although that’s undoubtedly better than being nearly as good as Magna like it is now).


agree the rampage to impact nerf is going to kill it completely. as much as i hate this thing, it still needs to be viable enough to deal with fierce/ fierce resil in its rarity, otherwise why bother with it?


for the hybrid, although they should give it one rampage, maybe defense shattering rampage or even armor piercing

Lol since Monolometerodon is already immune to vulnerability, Defense shattering and fierce rampage are essentially the same on it :joy:

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oh then give it armor piercing rampage
or maybe precise rampage