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Monolometrodon or Trystronix


Trying to decide between the 2, Mono at 24 or Trystronix at 19 on the team?


Monolometridon is trash. Tryo


I would really suggest drop both and create a better dino


Focus on Tryo… no regrets.


In lower tiers, Tryostronix is quite productive. It thrives on tanks/lower speed dinos. I had it on my team for quite some time even. Very lethal revenge killer


At what lvl does it stop being productive? I thought I could get it to 30 and be useful, but I wanna hear about your experience in the arena


Pre-1.5, Tryostronix was highly effective as one of the best revenge killers in the game. It still does it’s job very well these days, but the meta shifted from being in favor of having 3-4 tanks on your team to where it was best to keep up to 2 and direct your efforts on dinos with high damage/high speed. Erlidom, Dilo, Spino, Indo, Magna, Utarinex, Tuoramoloch can all shut down Tryo pretty hard. And with the introduction of Thorodalosaur, Thor was able to do Tryo’s job even better because of the advantage with Instant Charge. I still kept Tryo on my team for a while until I got my Monostegotops to a feasible level, but I eventually found myself in situations where Tryo became dead weight to my team. But it certainly is a strong dino, I’m proud knowing I was first to get that bad boy to 30 because his potential was through the roof on anyone coming in on his turn 2.

Tryo’s phenomenal until you can put together some of the now better dinos offered in the game. Meanwhile, Monolometridon has been one of, if not the, worst Legendary since it’s creation


Thanks for your thorough insight on the matter. I will lvl tryo to 25 and stop there, but it will do it’s job until I lvl the crit machine named Thor.
Edit to add that I like that monolo is the worst legendary since it is only here so everyone can get a legendary with little effort


Tryostronix for sure


It’ll be L30 very soon. It’s much more situational nowadays, but still very lethal if set up.

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