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Monolometrodon speed

I’ve just started up the app and seen the monolometrodon has a speeed decrease of 75% instead of 100%. Why! ?

Because the nitro boosted pest was finally nerfed, was quite an overwhelming nerf(bit too much), but I don’t mind it
So yeah, lost a few resistances I think and its rampage and possibly nerfed stats, can’t remember specifics but it was kinda monomimused


He Deserved It. Lol


Distraction resistance 50%-25%
Deceleration resistance 100%-75%
Crit. Chance reduction resistance 50%-0%(basicly no diffrence)

Fierce rampage - fierce impact

Thats it from what i remember

But regarding the OP, basicly, super boosted monometros were incredebly hard to counter, so the resistances were adjusted, and still in most cases they’ll require 2 decelerations to bring down

I do think it was a but much i would have droped all the distract. Res. And then give it back either the rampage or the decel. Res.

But yeah mono, does still require 2 decelerations stacked in order to be brough down(in most cases)


agreed, like I said before, before the update came and after the patch notes were out, I almost felt bad for the thing, but then I faced nitro metrodons again in the arena and all that sadness or sympathy for it was gone, nowhere to be found

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It’s still not bad but not as good as it was, but you can now chain Fierce Impact into Distracting Impact into Fierce Impact and keep on repeating.

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He’s gotten me through so much it’s not fair! Lol

Yea I noticed the fierce impact was usable immediately instead of with the 1 cool down so that was cool

then again it is because it was kinda overpowered with stats and kit for how easy it was to make, was poor man’s magna, and now she has the well deserved nerf to put her in her place

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Ikr, I was the fastest monometro @ 131 and like 1400 attack :joy: @ Lvl 19

He’s still pretty good with the recent changes, just not as overpowered as before