Monolometrodon stats


Just got enough DNA to create this kid.
Immunity tank counter…
Seem like output will be lower than Postimetro, but got more debuff & nullifying skill.


Needs 2x DSI. It would be perfect.


I leveled him to 18 when i noticed his low dmg xd


I kind of expected it to underwhelm somewhere because of its common and gen 2 ingredients, but oof, that attack, and only impact…

I guess it can kind of work in terms of dragging out a fight, killing buffs, lowering attack, and getting past shields, but it just looks like something that will die the moment something that is immune or with a cleanse shows up. 2400 HP isn’t exactly that hard to chew through with dinos in the high teens.

Looks like a good introductory legendary for players and gives an incentive to dart the commons, but won’t be viable above 3500.

But who knows, maybe I’m wrong.


They could never have given him decent stats and great moves - there have been a bunch of people complaining that “everyone is getting handed a legendary” ever since we found out about him.


I noticed this kid got extremely low stats.
You can check its ingredients. Speed & health are between Monolopho & Dimetro, but atk is lower than both.

Also, without any specialized op move. Could break shields, but couldn’t kill anyone.:rofl:
If their rule is true, than a legendary build up by 2 commons should be the weakest legendary.
That should make sense, but still, some even easier & more worth it legendary is one of the best dinos in this game. Just that Stegod we know.

You might say…come on, Stegod is super-hybrid!
But in the way to create Stegod, you’ll at least got 2 useful intermediate dinos.
(Stegosaurus & Nodopatosaurus)
For create this Monolometrodon, you must level up 2 useless things until lv15.

So this hybrid might be “if you got enough coins and just want to collect it on the dinodex”, than you could make this hybrid for fun. But doesn’t deserve to give more resource.

If this could be like Magikarp evolve to Gyarados, you raise up some lame thing and it finally become super powerful, it would be interesting. But Monolometrondon is just not that good.


i just used this in battle. arena 8, so this poor guy’s first 2 fights were against level 25 stegodeus :sob: and he didn’t last long obviously. as underwhelming as i was expecting from a legendary made from 2 commons.


do we have a stat table of this boy? compare lvl 25 of both…(monolometrodon vs stegodeus)


image image image


It’s terrible BTW


Postimetrodon is better then this right?


To answer this question, I evolved mine into lv19, so we could compare their lv20 stats.:thinking:



Wow, that epic got totally better stats, even a Ferocious Strike to buff its own damage.
This legendary…haha.:sweat_smile:

Another point, calculate the difference between before level up / after level up.
You could notice Postimetro even got better stats growth curve.


Each dino gets 5% increase in Health and Damage per each level. No need to waste coins to prove that this Legendary sux.


Just wanna see how lame it could be.:joy:
Although they got different move set, I’ll say Monolometro seems like Ankylocodon.
Some poor reptile hybrids been designed to be weak because they don’t love it.


seems this boy with high level could work fine under scene 8


Thanks for this.

I’ll go back to ignoring those commens now!


Obviously it’s not great level for level but if coins aren’t an issue maybe you could easily over level it? I’m just museing.


I’m thinking it just works as an easy legendary for low level players. As “easy to get” as stegod is, it’s still a lot of work to get him, but if you just started playing, this guy could make a big difference in lower arenas.


I love the aestethic of this dino, so cool, but this stats… I leveled mine to 18 cause i refuce to acept the truth hoping if he is overleveled will be good but no xd


Damage reduction ability will help mitigate for the lower hp against some dinos.

The nullifying strike means he’ll could do slightly better against a Monomimus - for the 1, maybe 2 turns if you’re lucky, that he would survive :joy: