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Monolometrodon still very annnoying

Every time i battle in aviary i faced monolometrodons


What do you want to say with this thread?
Monolometrodon has been nerfed to the ground. Nearly everything is better than it now.

Of course, maybe one or the other player has missed to remove the boosts from it during the boost shuffle. And therefore they are kind of forced to keep it in their teams.

But if you face a level 30 Velociraptor with 30 boosts on it you will also find it very annoying. Still not a reason to nerf it…


I counter it with indoraptor. Monolo isnt good anymore. Just slow him down


Monolemetrodon has been balanced out now. People will still try it out to see if she remains viable at all. Or maybe they have invested boosts into her and don’t want to have wasted them (not everyone would have swapped them in the free swap week).


I mean it’s just heavy boosted. Just like other creatures (thordor) there not much you can do.


Despite the nerf,my erlidom is quicker than most of metrodons i’m facing.
Still do not quite get what do you want to tell ludia by this message.
Remove boosts at all or something?


It’s annoying because they wasted boosts on a nerfed creature and still call it a day. Yes they can still be annoying but that’s just boosts. Mono is okay when unboosted and not that great. I’ve encountered some and they were annoying.

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There’s the occasional overfed one, but by and large, they aren’t the problem they once were.
It was a good nerf IMO.
They reduced its power without making it useless.


Agreed, now there is a real reason to go to magna over mono.

I do like this nerf over all to it. And boosting is its own issue. But that is a different ball of wax.

Just take the easy win.
Annoying or not a wins a win.
They will learn.

Yes nerf speed decrease to 50%

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bruh mono is already resistant to deceleration,he’s got 2 impacts,he’s been nerfed to the ground,i don’t personally think it needs nerfs anymore.

edit: if boosts are the problem and people complain about it,then what do you want ludia to do? remove boosts? what about people who spent real money on boosts?
neither of the boost packs are cheap.

Some people seem to think that “nerf” should mean “destroy.” Monolomet fits very well where it should now. It wasn’t totally ruined – now it can actually use three impacts in a row, which it couldn’t before – but it’s no longer oppressive.

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finally someone who knows what a “nerf” is,this topic is just people who think that nerf means “ruin” a creature.

Its resist is nerfed to 25 instead of 50 resist to distract unlike magna that still has 50 resist, rixis attack and speed nerfed too no more need to complain monos useless now.

Nerf doesn’t mean ruin but it Monolemetrodon was a creature that needed a re-balance and she has that now.


I may still see her often in the arena but she remains food on my lvl 23 Geminititan’s menu.