Monolometrodon too weak


A hybrid of two common dinos! Took a lot of work to create it, just too weak to use in battle :frowning:
Anyone else feel the same ?


Change impact to rampage imo.


Yes! And the attack needs to be increased too
553 is too low for a legendary with no armour and slow speed


It is by far easiest legendary to create so no, it shouldn’t be any better. In fact it should only be epic.


It’s common dna to make a legendary quit whining.


Base atk too low, also that move set is almost directly descent from those 2 common ingredients.
Must let atk buffed up to between ingredients, and get some special moves, or just even worse than Postimetro, a epic class tank breaker.

If we must define some “easiest” to gain legendary, I’ll say that will be Stegod.
Monolometrodon is easier only because they temporarily raise the spawn rate of ingredients in ver.1.4.

Also, Nodopato & Stego are both useful in lower arena, that means you level up them until lv15 isn’t waste at all. But to create Monolometro, you must waste coins for 2 non attractive materials.
…Then still become a non attractive hybrid.:cry:


I totally agree with you, that’s all there is to say.
Although it looks pretty badass


Make it 2000 dna of each ingredient per fusion And do this cool dino something useful for the love of god