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Monolometrodon totally worthless?


I will be ready to start fusing Monolometrodon in a couple of days, just wondering if it’s worth the coins… Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


He’s underwhelming, having no 2x attacks, but his set is pretty nice. If you over level the heck out of him, or get him at a low enough arena, he could probably do some damage. I’m a bit bitter as I got all 10’s building him, with one lone 30 in there! :sob:


I encountered one for the first time today, in arena 7. The damage output seemed really lackluster to me.


It’s ment to be a ledge for new / low lvl players so lower arena will be good


Don’t bother if you are in sorna marshes or higher
It’s attack is too low currently


Really isn’t worth it she’s just for lower level players to say hey ive got a legendary :blush:


It is for now pretty useless. To low damage, alt, to low health.


As legendary it should at least be better than the epic Postimetrodon. Since it’s supposed to be an easy-to-obtain legendary the attack set is more than good, speed and health are ok, but the attack stat is abysmal. It should deal at least 1100 damage at lvl 26 in my opinon, allthough both it’s parents deal 1200 at the same level…


Schaut euch seine Werte an, dann könnt ihr selbst entscheiden ob er es wert ist. :thinking: