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Monolometrodon will downgrade?

sorry for my english.

Some in my alliance says that in may monolometrodon will be downgrade.
It’s correct? There is a plan to really downgrade monolometrodon?

If this is real, maybe the moment to leave the game…

Thank you

no idea but I hope so

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no idea but hope not! :grin:

I don’t really know what all the fuss is about. Yes it’s easy to build, but it’s outmatched by the Magna, as it should be. And TBH I don’t see too many of them in the Library, so it’s not even over-used.

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I would say that it is way to good for the components it needs to make it, but with the apex creatures now a thing it could be argued that it’s ok as it is now.

I would suggest a change from rampage to impact and a cool down on nullify would be more suitable, but I can’t say I care really.

Thanks for the info!!

OK, seems thats it’s true…

If the supposed changes are true, it’s a bit too much of a nerf. The change to speed decrease resistance does what it needs to, it gives Monolometerodon a weakness and more counters. It’s not what I would have changed myself, but it works to nerf it a fair amount. And losing only 25% distraction resistance is fair too. But changing fierce rampage to an impact is too much I think.


Uf! I think that it’s the moment for me to say bye bye alive.

I dont want waste my time to get a dino, upgrade it to see some time after that dino change to donwgrade. I prefer play to another games that not fell me like wasting my time :sweat_smile:

I really Hope So. He deserves a nerf Imo.


Okay but if that’s true that Dracoceratosaurus buff is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!

I’ll be a little disappointed if there’s still no Tarkus buff or Poukan buff (she’s still not that great in the resilient meta, at least not when compared to Dio), but everything else looks pretty good. Here’s hoping they use it all.

Also, Monolometrodon still seems to keep the 75% rend resistance which is pretty darn great, especially against things like ML, Thyla, Carnotarkus & Grypolyth. It’s still not bad for something made of two commons.


you should see the blurb that was found about rixis and monolo. still could be fake but according to it, ludia listened to what the community was saying, tested to see if it was true, then took action. which is better than they normally do.


This is part of why I’m questioning the validity of the leak. It’s a datamine, so why would this kind of a blurb be in the games code? Why would future balance changes be in the games code somewhere other than accidentally going live? I can’t remember another datamine that leaked specific balance changes like this. I’ve heard that multiple people have found this stuff, but it’s just so unusual for a datamine to find this kind of info, and it makes me sus

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If it is true, it’s a nice change of pace though!

i’m sus as well because that sounds like something you’d put in the release notes not the code. and the server where people are sharing stuff is getting overrun with fake ones now.

idk what’s actually real or not. but the raids seem to be real.


The only one we can confirm is blue, and the others were leaked already before that. Maybe they did find blue in the code, or maybe they copied it from the other datamine that came out yesterday? If Blue is replacing Mammoth, why would they do that if they’re adding a whole new day of raids on Fridays? And with Mammoth probably getting a third hybrid in Tsintamoth, we would need all the Mammoth we can get.

I’m also sus that Refrenantem isn’t a snake: didn’t the leaked description talk about it literally snaking around in the wetlands? But on the other hand, since everyone expects it to be a snake, making it something else would be foolish in a fake leak. I guess Dilophosaurs can “rush” but I feel like a dilo apex would have “dilo” somewhere in the name. Now maybe they just misinterpreted a portrait or something, but if it is actually a snake, then why did they leak the name Hydraboa as well, which would almost certainly be another snake apex?

Basically, if the leak is real, then Ludia made some bizarre choices.

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the google docs stuff was before the fake leaks started taking over. i have more faith that these are real than anything else.

Huh, I thought I was working from the Google docs leak, but maybe there’s a different one? Is there any way to verify?

This above google docs stuff is what is believed to be the truest datamined stuff from the toolbox server. since late last night there has been a considerable increase in people posting fake nerfs or buffs to creatures since it is pretty easy to copy the format once you see it. Is all of the stuff in the google docs 100% true? IDK, but it is what i would consider to be the least fake out of anything.


Ok yeah that’s what I found. I agree that it’s the least likely to be fake, but I don’t know. I have no idea what to believe anymore with all the fakes running around :joy: Maybe that was Ludias plan all along?

Yeah, I did, that’s why I put that part about Monolo keeping the rend resistance. It’s still a good dino, just a more situational one if these leaks turn out to be true. I don’t think people should have Monolo in near-endgame anyway, this should keep her in the arenas she should really be at imho.

Rixis will also be more manageable (never agreed with her having full speed decel immunity anyway, it’s too much for something like that).

The reason the blurbs are there is because it’s actually the patch notes that they found. Ludia made them accessible for some reason.