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Monolometrodon will downgrade?

in my country they would call you … KID

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if it upped decel resistance back, removed distraction all together, and gave it back a rampage type move, i think it would be pretty on point for what you want it to do. (potentially do something different with null strike, but thats just me)


Can we keep this on topic or it’s getting closed in 3,… 2,… 1

I think they did cause of Mrhino; match ups with the lost in full decel and distraction. As well as no rampage


Ajá, maybe language problem, but for me, some people live too seriously the Game, and the another boy comment its a joke and I take in this way :wink:

Because cant be posible a comment like these in serious talk. Spineles (i dont know now if I wrote well, but you understand) for a Game? Seriously? OMG. These comment only can be done by a kid or by people that live more than reasonable a game. In my opinion, of course.

If somebody Believe that another it’s spineles or some like this for not Want to waste time for playing a Game that, in my opinion, this type of changes, after a long time to get a Dino become in not funny because they can change their values… ok!

It’s no important if these changes are more or less, for me changes that change a value to anything that cost much time to get, its no funny.

If get a Dino will take 1 week, maybe not be a big problem these changes, but its much more time.

You find this funny, o its no a problem for you? Ok, its perfect! I dont send you bad words for It.

In my country, to that people that say bad words to another we call… Rude? ¿bad-mannered? Google suggestions :grin: Well, in my language: maleducado.

Its better take live with sense of humor.

I apologize if my bad english cant let me make better jokes :grin: (sarcasm)

I understand that point, but the problem its make important changes to a Dino after a lot time that Dino stay in Game.

The Big problem for me its about time.

the time dedicate yo get that Dino and now…

By other way, i dont see bad that a legendary well upgraded can beat to some uniques

Why this its bad? The Dino stay there for everybody, and everybody can get It. Anybody has adventage…

And like I say in another posts, monolo can be beat easy with an Epic (erlikogamma) and i’m sure there are more dinos that are good against monolo.

How on god’s green earth is “spineless” a bad word?

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So monolometradon is getting a nerf well that sucks.

I’ve been playing since day one, and I’ve seen so many dinos get nerfed to oblivion over the years. My son stopped playing when Yoshi and Indoraptor gen2 were nerfed into becoming worthless! He is 13 and had been playing for over 2 years, but that was the final straw for him.

Look at it this way, mono will become a distant memory if you carry on playing for a few more months. And there will no doubt soon be a boost reset so you won’t have lost much in the long run.

I love monolometradon and my little brother wants him because he thinks it is cute.

Exactly this is the problem for me. Today monolo, tomorrow maybe another… like you say (and I dont know this until relatively short time) each x time change some dinos stats.

If this is normal with this type of games, perfect.

Yeah, simply i dont like this and Its not for me :slightly_smiling_face: maybe with 13 years and a lot of free time I continue playing, but its not the case.

I enjoy the Game until now, but i’ve no problem to change to another Game. Games are for playing and enjoy, with 13 or 70 years. When a Game stop being funny, change. And for me, changes that change Game progress are no funny. Really simple. There are too much games in the world to get angry for this.

I Play for a long time JP the Game (another Ludia Dino Game) and I stop It withouth any reason specific. Maybe Because with an appropiate táctic win become very easy…

Its curious like the people not understand others people choices or opinions and say bad words to others (not is your case), or Want to compare this opinions with kids. :wink:

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Sorry, maybe Google suggestions send me incorrect translations :wink:

Its the problem when speaking on another language that not know very well and use some tools to get translations :grin::grin:

It’s true that monolomet was a little too good for how easy it is to create, but I didn’t mind that for one simple reason: thor. Thor is also easy to create, and there aren’t many counters to it down in aviary/low library. Monolomet was something anyone could make to help them take on all the overleveled/highly-boosted thor running rampant down there. Don’t even get me started on the mortem I’m starting to see there as well – I saw a 3000+ attack one at around 5200 trophies on my alt the other day, and I’m starting to see lots of level 27/28s. It sucks to lose a counter to two of the biggest threats in lower arenas.

That isn’t a good reason to leave you should have better reasons…

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The problem is that Monolometerodon itself can be overleveled/highly boosted, and then it becomes a problem. And then you have to buff something to beat it, and something else to beat that, etc. It’s just more efficient to deal with the problem dinos them instead of buffing everything else up to their level. If Thor really is too strong, then it can be dealt with separately.


If he gets nerfed so be it, but I want my 30 boosts back. In fact, just as a thought for every time you decide someone’s time and work on a project should be nullified issue global refunds. Would fix my issue with it

We’re getting a boost shuffle meaning you will get it back.