Monolometrodons invasion

OMG i don’t know what’s happening but since the trophies reset aviary is infested of ultra boosted monolometrodons, i mean i have played like 8 battles so far and only two didn’t have a monolometrodon, i’m so tired of seeing that small puple thing being the first creature i have to face in all the matches, it seriously needs a nerf on his resistances, mostly distraction restistance and rend. And people please stop super boosting things like this, you only contribute to the horror that is the arena right now.


75% rend resist is the worst of it


As a dimetrodon hybrid above rare rarity it should have that distraction resist


Erlidominus could fix that right up

Dimetrodon doesn’t have it, neither should Monolo, especially that it’s unbalanced

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Yes its a pain, I get around the same emotion seeing it in pvp I get when I see the woolly rat in tourneys. I’d love for it to get 75% speed resistance, lower rend resistance, and immunity to distraction is lowered or removed, just my thought on its nerf

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you just need to find something to counter it

It still a huge pain to deal with it specially if it’s an over boosted one

about the boosts yes

What are the counters tho? Not trying to come off as rude or anythin but what are they? It’s horrible facing op ones with millions of boosts on em

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but then the game would be so easy and thats why you grind and get new creatures

to be honest i really dont know

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True but the main point is first Metrodok is way easier to grind than any other uniques like Magna and Spyx so in lower arena that’s a big problem because Metrodon become the main dino to have in any team

The problem with Metrodon isn’t if it’s too powerful in the meta no it’s not even a tyrant, but the problem is the fact that’s it’s a cheap magna very easy to get

Just imagine a hybrid legendary almost as strong as Gemini or Tryko and as easy to grind as DC, that’s definitely unbalanced and it needs a change


At this point it’s as ridiculous as people who was defending Indor g2 xhen it was very powerful by “learn to counter it”


but if molometrodon gets nerfed then other immune creatures will get protested on to get nerfed

such as secodontosaurus and ardetismaxima

We’re mainly asking a nerf to Metrodon not to other immunes creatures tbh it would be better fir them if Metrodon gets a nerf because it would be easier to counter

Procerat is also a great example about that situation
Not that powerful in the meta but definitely too strong for the epic rarity

Metrodon is definitely in the same situation when Procerat was a huge threat before 2.0

that why they nerfed it in health

Not only hp because of the new system of immunity it becomes vulnerable to be decelerarion and with all the resilient dinos it literally fall to one of the best epics to trash epic

In the case of Metrodon I don’t think the main issue is the hp it’s fine as it is, it just needs a nerf on rend and distraction resistance and may also a nerf on dmg stat but just a little one it doesn’t need to becomes a trash legendary

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