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Monolophosaurus 0 damage?


What move does monolophosaurus have that leads to zero damage by opponent? I had a battle “won” with my T-rex at full health and their mono almost done but my attack had 0 damage…twice. None of its moves show 100% damage reduction. Glitch? Or whats going on? Feeling ripped off here.

Wrong damage calculation against Monolophosaurus




Well actually 50% added to a 50% reduction SHOULD be .75%. No?


It should be. 1000 attack reduced by 50% is 500. Your attack is then 500 (not 1000 anymore). Reduced by 50% again is not 0, it is 250. Not how the game does it for whatever reason.


I see where your logic is but the math isnt correct. Cant get to 100% damage reduction unless the attack has 100% reduction. Even 50 consecutive 50% damage reductions would still leave a tiny bit of damage. Ludia should fix this.


Monopholosaurus has Distracting Rampage that reduces damage from opponent by 50% for two turns, and Distracting Strike, which also reduces damage by 50%. Played one after the other, those two attacks reduce damage from opponent to 0, because both instances of the 50% reduction are calculated from the original attack value of the opponent (50% + 50%).

I’m not saying this is how it should work (to me, it would make more sense if the combination of those two attacks reduces damage from opponent by 75%), but this is how it currently works.


it needs to say “stock attack” or something to avoid confusion, because the 50% is applied to the original attack both times.


it makes sense to me if you look at it as a whole amount. the player used both moves and that affects the damage as a whole not 50% of 50% but the remaining 50%.


I use monolophosaurus in the way your opponent did, I use both distracting attacks on a Tyrannosaurus and I got lucky in his rampage


I have it too on my team, and it does great against Tyranosaurus Rex! Maybe Ludia will change its mechanics one day, so I take advantage of it until then!


Hey guys.

The Monolophosaurus has two attacks which takes 50% damage away from the opponent for two rounds.
However, if he does both attacks back to back the opponent does 0 damage which doesn’t make sense.

Have a look at this example:

The opponent has 1000 attack. So when the Monolophosaurus does his first - 50% damage attack the opponent deals 500 damage.
However, when Monolophosaurus does his second - 50% damage attack the opponent should still do 250 damage and not 0.

-50% and - 50% is not equal to - 100%.

Pleade fix this, as the Monolophosaurus is way op.



Then it require more health because if you have +50% or 100% or 200% extra attack i gone wide true your health bar


No it doesn’t. It has like 1500 health at level 14. If you have a base attack of 1000 it takes 500 damage the first turn, 250 then alternating.
Even if the opponent does a *1.5/2 attack it will resist at least 2/3 attacks, which is a lot for a dinosaur without shield.
And it does 2
damage itself with one of its attacks. So it’s still pretty damn good.


Actually it depends on what they mean by targets damage. You are assuming at this point it means its current damage. So as you say if it has base 1000, then it should drop to 500, then 250 consecutively.

However, the way it is right now appears that the damage reduction is based on base damage, not the damage at the time. Therefore it goes like this: if dino has base of 1000 it drops to 500, then when used consecutively it reduces the base again by 50%, i.e. 500.

So the question is, does the damage reduction reduce the base always, or is it meant to reduce the current damage. If the former, then it is not a bug.


I raised this issue on another thread; the resulting (rather long) debate was that the reduction is combined before being applied so it is 100% and therefore not a bug.

Personally I think it should be 50% and then 50% so the end result is 250 from a base of 1000 but I don’t make the rules. You “just” need to take the Mono out before it manages to get both attacks in. Or is there a counter move somewhere?


Does cleansing work? Or is the effect on the Mono itself?


it renders you 50% usesless then another 50% useless.


Yes we understand that, but you haven’t followed what has been said. The question is, is it meant to render you 50% reduced base dmg, and then 50% base again or 50% the current reduced dmg. That is the question.


Yes. Reductions and additions are always done using base damage. No modifications change it.