Monolophosaurus attack error


Just fought a batte against a Monolophosaurus and either Distracting Rampage or Distracting Strike resulted in my next two attacks being zero damage as opposed to 50% reduced. Reported to support.


Agree. I also got zero damage twice in a row


This is not an error…Monolophosaurus can reduce your attack ability by 50% using one Distracting attack and then in the next turn use another Distracting attack to reduce your attack by 50% again. By using this strategy, your opponent is able to reduce your attack to 0 damage–ithat’s how it’s programmed to work.

If you encounter this situation in the Battle Arena, your best option is to swap dinosaurs (if at all possible) or using some kind of cleansing move to eliminate the stat reduction.

Best of luck!


That’s entirely what Monolophosaurus is there for.

It has two attacks with a stacking debuff. You either need to play an Immune dino, cleansing dino, or swap out.

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That’s why I love this dinosaur.


Ok - that’s a fairly powerful ability and unless you have a suitable counter the only solution is a swap out. Personally I would have worked the maths different; assume damage of 100 for ease of maths - first distracting attack reduces by 50% so 50 damage, second distracting attack reduces that by 50% so the actual damage is 25 …


It’s stacking on the dinosaur, not the total damage value.

Dinosaur’s damage regardless of number: 100%-50%, -50% again = 0%.

Dinosaur’s damage value where debuff stacks on the value instead of the entity: 100%-50%=50%, -50% of new total = 25%.

It is a powerful ability, as it was meant to be. But it has numerous workarounds. The Monolophosaurus is not an extraordinarily heavy-hitter, nor is she super-tanky. In addition to the above suggestions you can overwhelm her early on, outlast her, or what-have-you, and with the sheer influx of Superiority Strike she’s nowhere near as dangerous as she could be.


Lol how u get 25% when calculation is 100% minus 100% it works on the whole attack stat of the creature so say attack 1000 minus 50% of 1000 is 500. Minus another 50% of 1000 (-500 again) =0 attack. Use slow against it spaces out the debuffs so they don’t stack


Reducing something by 50% twice is not the same as reducing something by 100%.
If you had 20 apples and I took half, you’d have 10. If I took half again, you’d have 5, not 0.
If I took 100% at the start you’d have 0.

So with attack, if it is 1000 and reduced by 50%, your attack isn’t 1000 anymore, it’s 500.
This is not how it works in the game for whatever reason, but it is what it is.


It reduces from original amount really not a complicated calc half of the attack stat is a set amount that amount x2 is the whole attack stat move doesn’t say reduce current enemy attack stat. Reduction of 2 50% amount equal 100% MINUS not multiply by 0.5 don’t know how to explain this better. current total = total -(total x .5)


lol… it absolutely does not
everyone knows 50 x 2 is 100. that’s not what is going on with 2 50% reductions, and that’s not what is being debated either.


“For whatever reason” is because this is a debuff, not a math equation to be solved.

The debuff is a unit, not a value. Its target is also a unit.

If you have 100 resources, and you need to spend them on a unit costing 50 of them, you are left with 50 resources. If you need another of those units costing exactly the same amount, you pay the same amount and are left with 0 resources.