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Monolophosaurus Gen 2

Before the scorpius release, this common dino was BY FAR (nothing else was even remotely close) the dino I saw most during the day to dart. I had no saved up DNA from these, because I’m working on leveling my monolorhino.

Post scorpius release, I have not seen a SINGLE one in the wild. Not in any of the 3 zones, not even while driving for hours to visit relative, not with scents. Nothing, nada.

And to add some level of ‘trolling’ by Ludia, I now see dilophosaurus gen 2 (which looks almost like mono on the map) at the same rate I used to see monolophosaurus …

Anyone else notice this?


I use a giga scent and 98% of the creatures spawned is Monolophosaurus Gen 2. I think maybe you’re in a zone that doesn’t have it


I’m in my house … they were my #1 spawning dino until the Scorp release. So unless my house magically moved to a new zone, nothing has changed.

I do understand, gives players an incentive to catch every dino’s DNA. It becomes tiring tho

The zones rotate/move, usually after updates, so your zone probably did change.
That would explain it.


Migration changes next monday.

Maybe you meant to say four instead of 3, but there are 4 zones. Plus, Dilo G2 is a global spawn which is why you’d see more of them: Spawn Mechanics/Nests and Where To Find Dinosaurs | Jurassic World Alive Wiki - GamePress

It’s zone specific to Local 4, you’ll see the zones change at the Monday reset on July 5th

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Do the zones change every month or every update?

They change the same day the championship ends every month

I did not know the zones changed. Interesting.

I see this little guy all day I’m tired of it, maybe it’s just luck

Always the first Monday of every month.