Monolophosaurus n Kentrosaurus bugs


I’ve found a couple of combat bugs. One of them being the Kentrosaurus ‘Instant Cripple’ not reducing damage done by 90 %. At first I thought it might just be a minor coding error, where instead of 90 % it would reduce it by 50 % like other moves… but it reduces the damage by around 30 %, which I find very weird. This has happened in all my encounters using this Dino, which makes it rather useless.

Also, the Monolophosaurus has these two damage reduction moves; Distracting strike and Distracting rampage. Both are individually reducing the damage as they should, and when they stack they reduce the damage by a total 100 % … most of the time. Like 1/3 of the time when I stack the two, it completely ignores ANY of the damage reduction. And no, it isn’t because the Dino is immune, or used some sort of cleanse - there simply seems to be no pattern in it.

I hope this has been some sort of helpful

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Try recording it. Did your kentrosaurus fight buffers? They do Great dmg even tho if they Are reduced


Generally speaking, Instant Cripple reduces the damage you take by 90%. However, if your opponent uses a move like Ferocious Strike or Adrenaline Surge, Instant Cripple’s effectiveness is reduced by that percentage of your opponent’s gain in attack. I’d be interested to hear what kind of creatures you’re facing that are reducing Instant Cripple’s effectiveness down to 30% though…'cause I know this issue has come up in other threads as well.

I would agree with @Wilffio, though, and say that if you encounter a similar situation, take down as many notes with accompanying screenshots as you can. In many cases, the players on the forum are able to surmise what happened and make an educated guess as to whether it’s normal gameplay, a glitch, etc. The more details you’re able to provide, the better chance that someone will be able to determine an adequate solution.


I don’t have any recording program, but I can try n SS the opponents stats n its damage done. It has nothing to do with buffs. I just faced this Einia with 761 attack. Even though I Instant Crippled him, he still did 600+ dmg with Ferocious Strike(non-crit). With the 50 % dmg buff, it should’ve done 114 dmg, and not the other.


Ah. That would explain it with the Einia. I’ll do a couple more battles and see what happens


Interesting. I once battled a Monolophosaurus and my damage was reduced to 0, like it thought the dino was using an invincibility move instead. To say I was kinda pissed would be an understatement…


Instead of doing real percentage math, it simply sums the numbers. So if you reduce 90 percent, then ferocious strike is plus 50 percent, you get a net 40 reduction. Wait is ferocious plus 40? I may have the numbers wrong but you get the reasoning I hope.

Also, if you get over 100 percent, the numbers go back positive. No it doesn’t make sense, but say you reduce 50 for 3 turns and they all stick (hypothetical) the attack does 50 percent damage. You essentially gave 50 attack with your third reduction.


Ran into this bug yet again today, pretty sure people are just abusing it to get easier victories. I had 0 damage for two moves in a row. The faster this is fixed, the better.


Yup. The formula is attack multiplier * 1-(buffs - debuffs)

So if I increase attack by 50% and you decrease my attack by 90%

Damage multiplier * 1-(.5-.9) = .6 or 60% of the total Normal damage.