Hardly any Koolsuckass around so was able to get all 6 in one sweep of the area (sadly the 9 was a typo). Love how you can see one in the background as well :slight_smile:

Despite some poor darting I managed to create my Monostegotops - all 10s bar the last which took me to 20/100 to level up so switched to Monomimus - two 10s (40/200) and then ran out of Gallimimus DNA. Thought it would be a long long time before I got enough DNA to try again so thought I would gamble on Monostegotops (as one level up always gives you that extra edge over people who just have the creation level). 40,20,30 later :slight_smile:

All in all this week’s event has been a hard slog but pretty good especially when coupled with the Epic incubator prize, the high value Strike Event and the coin offer.

7 Legendaries in the bag but I think it will be a long time before my 8th.


Sounds Awesome mate! Yeah i am Also doing monostegotop


Had a few battles now … loving my Mono … :smiley: