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Monolorhino according to JWA field guide


lv21 speed 116, 3126 health and 783 damage, 15% armor and 5% critical, immune to all negative effects


lethal wound
distracting impact
definite impact

I think the moveset is not correct: according to the release notes it should have nullifying strike and not distraction

also the health and damage stats are below either of the 2 parents so I do hope those are wrong too, as the stats are now it is not worth having on your team, you would be better using monolometrodon imo, however it could deal with evasive creatures better than monolometrodon BUT monolometrodon is far easier to create and level up


monolometrodon lv 21: 3291 health and 901 damage
woolly rhinoceros lv21: 3526 health and 838 damage (according to JWA fuild guide)


Hey @Spaceweaver! The move sets and stats are taken directly from the code so they should be correct. I believe the release notes are incorrect with respect to Distraction instead of Nullifying Strike.

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