Monolorhino buff

Ok ok I understand Monolorhino is very good but think about the DNA he uses wooly rhino the impossible to get most annoying epic creature to get in the whole game. Monolorhino needs a buff for how hard he is to get.

she is fine, really she is fine as a wild card, but if you want to improve her in something, give her IIT


Monolorhino is fine, it’s no where near underpowered nor overpowered, however it most certainly does not need a buff


Monolorhino doesn’t need a buff, but Rhino should receive a slight damage nerf


True, 1500 damage is too much on that swap. It makes playing cunning creatures nearly Impossible on tournaments. If It was 1300 damage It would probably be fine.


Depends what would your proposal be

I don’t think, most of the “swap in stun strike” are rounded to 1k of Dmg, therefore I feel that it must have 1100 or 1150

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Maybe, that was just a guess on my part

It does 1x damage so it doesn’t round off, it can even bypass armor too which just makes more stubborn to deal with.

Sorry, but I started laughing when I read the title…

I’m guessing you’re not facing those stupid things at above 2k base damage…


Literally the only Dino outside of Mortem that’s played by the top 10 even when it’s not max level. I’m really wondering how someone could be like yes let’s buff that.

Monolorhino not wooly rhino and the dna is impossible to get so sheild decel instead of cunning strike and health buff and instant distrac