Monolorhino counter idea

Monolorhino is currently the 2nd best swapper in the swap meta, it has lower damage than magnus but as a wildcard it has more variety of moves to survive longer, also with near full immunity it can always be swapped off and be reused. It’s even better than magnus in certain situations. There isn’t really any solid counter for it, even for the odd testacornibus which has stun immunity and OEH doesn’t work too well because of Mrhino’s shattering move. Here is an idea of a counter that works well against Mrhino, recreating the old entelomoth but not exactly the same
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If we think it is too strong we can nerf its speed and DoT resistance, but after some testing it beats about half of the meta creatures, which is good but not overpowered since it is a superhybrid with exclusive dna


Great idea.

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I like that it counters Monolorhino regardless of whether it’s slower or faster, it’s quite nice. The On Escape ability and Decel resistance means it’s probably the first Mutual Fury user to be able to setup on slower opponents :flushed:

Anyway it’s probably OP based on matchups (it beats practically everything more often than not and almost everything else with mind games) but with some tweaks it or a similar build could be really good for what it’s intended.


Tenonto is a counter

True, it wins 70% of the time, but not if Allochops is set up. Dodgers can also win but for example, Erlidominus only wins if it dodges twice, or if it dodges the Rampage and Allochops doesn’t Crit, so 60% of the time.
It also comes out of a lot of good matchups with a setup like Entelomoth used to (so 138 speed and a Ferocious Impact ready for whatever’s next, so revenge-killing it is hard to impossible, and sniping it is near impossible.

Nerfed it quite a bit, less health, armor, DoT resistance gone, vulnerable resistance lowered. Still equally strong offensively, but a bit easier to kill

This is very confusing you said to have a monolorhino counter idea but instead it is this allochops
(also this is a very creative creature really)

That is the Monolorhino counter idea

Really I was thinking more like monolorhino having a counter idea when I saw this topic

lol that’s not what I meant

Then why is it called monolorhino counter idea

It’s called that because it proposes an idea, which is a monolorhino counter.


If it proposes an idea like that you should call it allochops hybrid idea

but it still explains and pretty clearly states its a monolorhino counter, and its an idea of one, and I’m not sure anyone would every want that thing to have a counter strike or whatever on it

The monolorhino counter is allochops.

But how in the world is an random creature a counter for monolorhino

who said it was random? @SSSRARE designed this thing to be a possible monolorhino counter, as the title says

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This is what I thought you meant

Ok I have clearly stated as with everyone else that, its not what I meant, so now can we get over with the topic and talk about the actual creature I made instead?:sweat_smile::joy:

Is that still too strong? I dont want to nerf its output but maybe I can nerf its base speed to 121 or something which opens a bit more counters for it